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Looking forward to seeing a lot of future Setters!

Twitter • 05/30/16 • 6:11PM

Remembering all those who served. Thank you for your bravery and sacrifice.

Twitter • 05/30/16 • 5:41PM

RT @MichaelSpinner: Happy for both UNC lacrosse programs. Proof that coaches who value family, respect the game, and treat people with class can win it all.

Twitter • 05/30/16 • 5:02PM

Jessie Meredith '16, a PoliSci & Peace & Justice Studies major at #PaceU NYC won a Fulbright!

Twitter • 05/30/16 • 5:00PM

Join our mailing list to see what's coming up for the 2016-2017 season. #Schimmel #Arts

Twitter • 05/30/16 • 4:59PM

Twitter • 05/30/16 • 4:35PM

RT @PaceUniversity: Wishing everyone a happy and healthy #MemorialDay!

Twitter • 05/30/16 • 4:22PM

#PaceU Sr Fellow Andrew @Revkin comments on Cuba’s social sustainability and @PaceDocs student-produced doc on Cuba

Twitter • 05/30/16 • 4:00PM

RT @tedcahill: Off the Bat: @Stags_Base is going to the tournament for the first time, and so is longtime coach Bill Currier:

Twitter • 05/30/16 • 3:52PM

RT Interested in Env Policy? See how #PaceU's MA in Env Policy program can help you become an agent of change!

Twitter • 05/30/16 • 3:01PM

RT @LeadTheWayFund: All gave some, some gave all. #JJR #JR10 #RLTW #NeverForget #MemorialDay

Twitter • 05/30/16 • 3:01PM

Submissions are now being accepted for the 2016 New York Chinese Opera Society Essay comp at #Pace w/@paceconfucius

Twitter • 05/30/16 • 3:00PM

Were you at our NYC Commencement? Maybe we took your photo! #PaceGrad

Twitter • 05/30/16 • 2:57PM

Whether you graduated five years ago or fifty, we want you to join #PaceU’s growing group of active alumni.

Twitter • 05/30/16 • 2:44PM

RT Congrats to #PaceU MFA Acting alum Kate Billingsley whose new play is featured in a @nytimes article!

Twitter • 05/30/16 • 2:01PM

Check out #PaceU’s BA in Env Science with this new video!

Twitter • 05/30/16 • 2:00PM

Success Starts Here: Experiential Learning #PaceU

Twitter • 05/30/16 • 1:01PM

Happy Memorial Day, #PaceU!!

Twitter • 05/30/16 • 1:00PM


Twitter • 05/30/16 • 12:21PM

Twitter • 05/30/16 • 12:02PM

Sub-nuclear elementary particles and a secret love of “The Big Bang Theory.” The @paceprovost is in!

Twitter • 05/30/16 • 11:38AM

RT @PaceUniversity: Wishing everyone a happy and healthy #MemorialDay!

Twitter • 05/30/16 • 11:05AM

Interested in joining IEEE as a student member? More info:

Twitter • 05/30/16 • 11:05AM

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy #MemorialDay!

Twitter • 05/30/16 • 11:03AM

RT @DysonCollege: Check out #PaceU Art Prof Roger Sayre's exhibition at Hamilton Square in Jersey City through 8/31!

Twitter • 05/30/16 • 11:02AM

#PaceU's MA in Environmental Policy program can help you become an agent of change!

Twitter • 05/30/16 • 10:02AM

Happy #MemorialDay from Pace Football! #MemorialDay2016

Twitter • 05/30/16 • 9:46AM

Remembering those who gave their all so we could be free. Thank you to all who made the ultimate sacrifice

Twitter • 05/30/16 • 9:41AM

RT @PaceUAthletics: Today we celebrate our freedom by honoring those who lost their lives fighting for it. Happy #MemorialDay!

Twitter • 05/30/16 • 9:13AM

RT @erikkhokenson: #WildAboutNYC: #Oysters featuring @BillionOyster on the @BrianLehrer Show on @WNYC #oystertecture @KateOrff

Twitter • 05/30/16 • 9:05AM