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Twitter • 08/28/16 • 11:37PM

Twitter • 08/28/16 • 11:36PM

Twitter • 08/28/16 • 11:36PM

#PaceU alumni were on the red carpet at the #VMAs tonight!

Twitter • 08/28/16 • 10:06PM

RT @people: Fat Joe dropping some realness about Rihanna at the #VMAs

Twitter • 08/28/16 • 9:17PM

Anyone else catch former pace students @damonandjo on the VMA's pre-show?

Twitter • 08/28/16 • 8:32PM

RT @Refinery29: Is this NYC chain the next Chipotle!?

Twitter • 08/28/16 • 6:21PM

RT @usnews: Researchers have discovered two carcinogens never-before detected in e-cigarette vapor

Twitter • 08/28/16 • 6:21PM

RT @AP: Women march in GoTopless events around the country to challenge stigma against baring breasts in public.

Twitter • 08/28/16 • 6:20PM

RT @GMA: JUST IN: New tropical depression forms near the Florida Keys.

Twitter • 08/28/16 • 6:20PM

RT @voxdotcom: Here’s the best argument that computers could replace doctors, teachers, and even nannies

Twitter • 08/28/16 • 6:20PM

RT @AP: BREAKING: Commander of Colombia's FARC rebel group announces a permanent cease-fire under peace accord.

Twitter • 08/28/16 • 6:20PM

RT @CBSNews: Ithaca College student fatally stabbed in fight on Cornell campus

Twitter • 08/28/16 • 6:20PM

RT @WhitePlainsDV: Serious Crash Causes Stopped Traffic On Taconic State Parkway

Twitter • 08/28/16 • 6:19PM

RT @NYDNSports: CHAMPS! Endwell, New York takes Little League World Series with 2-1 win over South Korea

Twitter • 08/28/16 • 6:19PM

RT @NYDailyNews: Bus full of Louisiana flood workers crashes, killing 2, including fire chief, injures 41

Twitter • 08/28/16 • 6:19PM

RT @BNONews: Photos emerge from Norway where a single lightning strike has killed at least 323 reindeer

Twitter • 08/28/16 • 6:19PM

NY Daily News: "Stephen Bannon hire shows Donald Trump's campaign plans on losing 'in the ... #PaceU

Twitter • 08/28/16 • 5:01PM

Great way to start the week. Good luck down south @PaceSoccer! #SetterNation

Twitter • 08/28/16 • 4:08PM

Why Obama Likely Won't Be Able to Close Guantanamo #PaceU

Twitter • 08/28/16 • 4:01PM

@Caitlyn0698 Aw, don't worry. We have an entire department dedicated to helping you choose the right major.

Twitter • 08/28/16 • 3:22PM

Recent #PaceU grad Jessie Meredith '16 hits the road as a Fulbright Scholar. Read more:

Twitter • 08/28/16 • 3:15PM

This is what happens when one of your players spent the summer working in a yoga studio! @AmyVicic #namaste

Twitter • 08/28/16 • 3:06PM

Lawyers see opportunity in Justice Department report on Baltimore police #PaceU

Twitter • 08/28/16 • 3:01PM

RT @usweekly: Mariah Carey's HIV-positive sister arrested for prostitution:

Twitter • 08/28/16 • 2:54PM

RT @CoachKarrin: Favorite personal goal for the season: Make sure my energy passes from me to my teammates in a positive way. #SheGetsIt #GuessWho #TEAMfirst

Twitter • 08/28/16 • 2:53PM

RT @NBCNewYork: JUST IN: Ithaca College student fatally stabbed in large fight on Cornell Campus: Police

Twitter • 08/28/16 • 2:52PM

Thank you to all our clinic participants. We had a great time #GoPace

Twitter • 08/28/16 • 2:14PM

Seismic Testing For Arctic Oil Will Deafen Whales #PaceU

Twitter • 08/28/16 • 2:01PM

#PaceU fac & staff sound off on the republican and democratic conventions, police brutality, & cybersecurity issues.

Twitter • 08/28/16 • 1:53PM