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Не плачь мой Ангел, я с тобою, не нужно слёзы лить тебе.

Twitter • 04/02/15 • 1:38AM

CHECK IT OUT! The April 2015 Social Calender! Get your copy at Y23

Twitter • 04/02/15 • 12:27AM

RT @c_pato_d: Гунзо как всегда в своём репертуаре остановите.мою.чёртову.истерику.я.умираю.помогитеееееееее.

Twitter • 04/02/15 • 12:19AM

Email if you are interested in becoming involved! Many position opportunities coming your way!

Twitter • 04/01/15 • 10:42PM

RT @tobycraigjones: Полная луна над Владивостоком

Twitter • 04/01/15 • 10:16PM

RT @FeiNYC: @brucebach @digitalnyc @DisruptiveTechs event @microsoft 'Balancing a Cool Idea with Profitability' #tech #nyc

Twitter • 04/01/15 • 9:37PM

#Repost @misslisbridge
#sigmadeltatau #paceu @pacesigdelts @sdtsorority @paceuniversity

Instagram • 04/01/15 • 9:33PM

#Repost @pacemcva
NYT critic Janet Maslin speaks in Choate Art Gallery. #pacemcva

Instagram • 04/01/15 • 9:32PM

Want to be a GA or Intern in #SDCA at #paceu ? Apply now!!!

Twitter • 04/01/15 • 9:21PM

RT @JonGordon11: Control what you can control. Let go of what you can't.

Twitter • 04/01/15 • 9:20PM

.@Pace_Softball Falls in Doubleheader to Adelphi #PaceSoftball

Twitter • 04/01/15 • 9:06PM

Want to be a student leader and represent your class or school? Here's your chance! Join #PaceU's SGA in NYC.

Twitter • 04/01/15 • 9:05PM

Душа распускается как бутон по весне - нараспашку.

Twitter • 04/01/15 • 9:04PM

#mortolalibrary #mortolawhiteboard #puttinginwork paceuniversity @pacelibrary

Twitter • 04/01/15 • 9:00PM

Matt Cossidente nets two goals in @PaceLacrosse loss to national #3 Le Moyne #PaceLax

Twitter • 04/01/15 • 8:46PM

@HeyBritTani14 nope

Twitter • 04/01/15 • 8:02PM

The #moon over #Kessel at #PaceU #Pleasantville.

Instagram • 04/01/15 • 7:15PM

Maslin's answer: if people think you're good at it, you get to keep doing it. #pacemcva

Twitter • 04/01/15 • 7:11PM

Good q from Gabriel Solano: what qualifies someone to be a critic? #pacemcva

Twitter • 04/01/15 • 7:10PM

Complete online applications for those companies who required or asked you to #professional #advice

Twitter • 04/01/15 • 7:00PM

SB: Setters trail Adelphi 5-2 in the bottom of the 6th

Twitter • 04/01/15 • 6:47PM

Maslin: no matter what audiences say, "people love a vicious pan." #pacemcva

Twitter • 04/01/15 • 6:45PM

Maslin keeps all books she reviews, organizes them in her house by year. (Says she has a very understanding husband.) #pacemcva

Twitter • 04/01/15 • 6:44PM

Maslin: it's easier than ever to publish books-it can be hard to sort through all of them to find the good ones. #pacemcva

Twitter • 04/01/15 • 6:34PM

Maslin: reviewing films became less appealing as emphasis increased on letter grade-type ratings, box office profits. #PaceMCVA

Twitter • 04/01/15 • 6:26PM

NYT critic Janet Maslin speaks in Choate Art Gallery. #pacemcva

Twitter • 04/01/15 • 6:17PM

NYT critic Janet Maslin speaks in Choate Art Gallery. #pacemcva

Instagram • 04/01/15 • 6:17PM

Dyson Dean Nira Herrmann talk with critic Janet Maslin starting now in Choate House!

Twitter • 04/01/15 • 6:14PM

The laughs continue on April 2 as @paceboardnyc hosts the fabulous @nicolebyer for #PaceU's Comedy Night.

Twitter • 04/01/15 • 6:05PM

Congrats to Virali Jhaveri for winning tickets to Uncubed! Place your resume in the box for a chance to win. Drawings at PCS every week.

Twitter • 04/01/15 • 6:04PM