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Dean Wang & PaceSOE alum, NYC Schools Chancellor, Carmen Fariña @carmenfarinaDOE @PaceUniversity @PaceUAlumni #Teach

Twitter • 10/09/15 • 9:49AM

Thank you to @StagsWBball for stopping by Jennings Elementary this morning with @LucasStag #GoStags

Twitter • 10/09/15 • 9:49AM

RT @CoachTMOL: Visiting Section 9 schools today! @Pace_Football

Twitter • 10/09/15 • 9:43AM

RT @CoachCiocci: Excited to be in the #Bronx looking for future #SetterNation members! @Pace_Football #HuntEmUp #NYCfootball

Twitter • 10/09/15 • 9:43AM

First-Year students - ready for your first Homecoming experience? You don't want to miss this!

Twitter • 10/09/15 • 9:25AM

RT @mojicachempace: @PaceUniversity chemistry major Kevin Symczak was one of the recipients of the Hamilton grant! Congratulations!

Twitter • 10/09/15 • 9:22AM

.@ONEDAYIMMERSION is TWO WEEKS away! Make sure to claim your spot from the link below because seats are limited!

Twitter • 10/09/15 • 8:44AM

@hazel_m_small its unfortunate that the correct font didn't come through on your computer or device

Twitter • 10/08/15 • 11:37PM

RT @hazel_m_small: I'm crying this makes me so happy @PaceHonorsNYC

Twitter • 10/08/15 • 11:37PM

RT @mojicachempace: @PaceUniversity chemistry major Kevin Symczak was one of the recipients of the Hamilton grant! Congratulations!

Twitter • 10/08/15 • 11:20PM

#Repost @paceboardnyc ・・・ In case you missed the news, Tinashe will be joining Ty Dolla $ign as…

Twitter • 10/08/15 • 11:03PM

The Focus on Nature film series is happening now through October 28 at @jbfc_ny. Hear from #PaceU faculty & students

Twitter • 10/08/15 • 10:40PM

How does your body language shape who you are?

Twitter • 10/08/15 • 10:40PM

RT @pace_seidenberg: The #ZeroSlums Call to Action #Hackathon for @UnTecho was a big success here at @google HQ!@PaceUniversity #PaceU

Twitter • 10/08/15 • 9:50PM

Hey everyone! Make sure to confirm your attendance to our @ColumbiaRecords event on our FB event page: !

Twitter • 10/08/15 • 9:35PM

We know money can't buy you love or happiness, but it can help you fund your education. Scholarships and contests >>

Twitter • 10/08/15 • 9:16PM

Pick up the new issue of #thepacepress now!

Twitter • 10/08/15 • 9:01PM

RT @Pace_OSA: Monday, October 12 is Columbus Day. @PaceUniveristy is open and classes WILL MEET as scheduled unless otherwise notified by your professor

Twitter • 10/08/15 • 8:45PM

RT @sydneytisch3: No offense, but my college is cooler than yours

Twitter • 10/08/15 • 8:44PM

@abbyyfox halloweentown thanks for asking ;-)

Twitter • 10/08/15 • 8:39PM

RT @sprinklesny: Want a sweet job? Both our cupcake shops and our ice cream shop are hiring full time and part time employees! Stop by to apply!

Twitter • 10/08/15 • 8:35PM

#Repost pace_soca ・・・ #Repost @dst_pilambda ・・・ The Total Woman: Spirit. Join us on Wednesday as we…

Twitter • 10/08/15 • 8:34PM

@CarolineBway did you guys do the lotto?

Twitter • 10/08/15 • 8:32PM

@CarolineBway hamlet?

Twitter • 10/08/15 • 8:32PM

RT @PaceUniversity: Are you a HS student who wants to learn more about #PaceU? Admission counselors are coming to a school near you.

Twitter • 10/08/15 • 8:29PM

RT @CatWeening: Woot! Time to talk about my internship experiences to @PaceHonorsNYC first year students! #honorsfamily

Twitter • 10/08/15 • 8:29PM

#Repost @paceuniversity with repostapp. ・・・ The Focus on Nature film series is happening now through…

Twitter • 10/08/15 • 8:27PM

Help us, help you find the internships you want!

Twitter • 10/08/15 • 8:05PM

Make Pace Your Place. Join us for Fall Open House & get #PaceBound. October 25 in Westchester | November 15 in NYC.

Twitter • 10/08/15 • 6:59PM

RT @PaceUAthletics: Check out the goals by Delany Williams and Fanny Fellevik from @PaceSoccer_'s 2-2 draw against Le Moyne on Tuesday!

Twitter • 10/08/15 • 6:57PM