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Twitter • 02/11/16 • 11:17PM

Thanks to all who joined us tonight for #PaceVotes16! @thelifeofKRAUSS @ashmikel @godfatherjoe @alexlbrand @nataliagess @Kathyrnbalitsos

Twitter • 02/11/16 • 11:15PM

RT @Kathyrnbalitsos: "Don't give up on the political process" so so so important no matter who you support you need to be involved and vote! #pacevotes16

Twitter • 02/11/16 • 10:48PM

RT @ashmikel: Did I miss the question on Climate Change? What are the candidates going to do to save our planet? #DemDebate #PaceVotes16

Twitter • 02/11/16 • 10:46PM

RT @thelifeofKRAUSS: Enough about what Hillary and Bernie agree on, can we see some ACTUAL debating? Wish Jim Webb was here to diversify this debate #PaceVotes16

Twitter • 02/11/16 • 10:19PM

RT @ashmikel: "The government has a moral responsibility to ensure everyone has a moderate standard of living" @BernieSanders #DemDebate #PaceVotes16

Twitter • 02/11/16 • 10:18PM

RT @alexlbrand: @HillaryClinton looks like sunshine. More importantly, sounds like she can work the system. Go girl! #DemDebate #pacevotes16

Twitter • 02/11/16 • 10:18PM

RT @Kathyrnbalitsos: YAS @BernieSanders point out the hypocrisy of the Republican party #DemDebate #pacevotes16

Twitter • 02/11/16 • 10:18PM

RT @nataliagess: "I believe in efficient government, not wasteful government" -@BernieSanders #DemDebate #pacevotes16

Twitter • 02/11/16 • 10:18PM

Islanders vs. LA Kings NHL game with OHRL!!

Twitter • 02/11/16 • 9:55PM

Follow #PaceVotes16 with @applivetweet @!

Twitter • 02/11/16 • 9:36PM

Claps for @BernieSanders on hypocrisy in the gov't in this room. #PaceVotes16

Twitter • 02/11/16 • 9:32PM

This is your last chance to register for the Mobile #App Development Bowl! Register here:

Twitter • 02/11/16 • 9:30PM

Tune in to The John Cena Hour now! - currently playing @youngthegiant

Twitter • 02/11/16 • 9:19PM

Students at the #PaceVotes16 debate here are most concerned about: immigration reform, college affordability, & climate change.

Twitter • 02/11/16 • 9:14PM

RT @heynells: #PaceU students, 182 Broadway is the place to be tonight for the #DemDebate! It's time to debate + snack.

Twitter • 02/11/16 • 9:06PM

Want to share your news, events, accomplishments, and more with #PaceU? It's as easy as sending an e-mail.

Twitter • 02/11/16 • 7:08PM

RT @FairfieldStags: Game Notes: @StagsMensLax opens 2016 on Monday in Conway Field at Rafferty Stadium: #GoStags

Twitter • 02/11/16 • 7:07PM

RT @PaceUniversity: See what's happening at the @SchimmelTheatre this February!

Twitter • 02/11/16 • 6:52PM

See what's happening at the @SchimmelTheatre this February!

Twitter • 02/11/16 • 6:52PM

RT @BloomingSTEMS: Proud of my @GirlsWhoCode Club girls Omika and Amanda who participated! Loved UR underwater robot! @pace_seidenberg

Twitter • 02/11/16 • 6:39PM

The @PaceFacultyCtr is flipping out over this year’s Best Practices Conference…

Twitter • 02/11/16 • 6:28PM

Did you spend your winter break binge-watching “Making a Murderer”? So did the rest of Pace.

Twitter • 02/11/16 • 6:20PM

EY Invasion Day: Tuesday Feb. 16th from 10am-1pm (Tabling in Miller Hall #PLV)

Twitter • 02/11/16 • 6:08PM

President Friedman and the SOE welcome @NYCSchools Chancellor, @carmenfarinaDOE March 16th for Inside Track.

Twitter • 02/11/16 • 6:05PM

A Little Something Different is live! Tune in right now at :)

Twitter • 02/11/16 • 6:02PM

SWAG Showcase presents incredible women in technology #WomenInStem

Twitter • 02/11/16 • 6:01PM

RT @FairfieldStags: .@StagsWomensLax host LIU Brooklyn for 2016 Season Opener on Monday at 2 pm. #GoStags

Twitter • 02/11/16 • 6:00PM

RT @FairfieldStags: PREVIEW/NOTES: @StagsWBball #Play4Kay on Friday at 7pm #GoStags

Twitter • 02/11/16 • 6:00PM

A Little Something Different goes live in 5!

Twitter • 02/11/16 • 5:57PM