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How I did on Twitter this week: 2 New Followers, 2 Mentions, 2 Favorited. How'd your week go? via

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 1:26PM

"Branding ourselves differently starts with intention." - Marisa Vitali #gracethemovie2015

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 1:07PM

Happy National #GrammarDay, #PaceU!

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 12:54PM

"For your film premiere you want it to be at the highest level possible." - Marisa Vitali #gracethemovie2015

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 12:52PM

RT @PACEadmissions: Join @SOEPACE on 3/26 for an info session to learn more about advancing your career in education. RSVP here -

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 12:52PM

RT @OpalVadhan: Hey @PaceUniversity students, I'll be talking about my #internship at The White House & how you can apply! #career

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 12:49PM

"Once you get into production, that's it. You're making your movie." - Marisa Vitali #pointofnoreturn #gracethemovie2015

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 12:46PM

SWAP was just featured on national television. Watch @HLNTV @TheDailyShare today around 1:30pm ET to see why! #unleashedmoment

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 12:43PM

"Look around you for future collaborators, it's not a one man show." - Marisa Vitali #gracethemovie2015

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 12:34PM

This year we are piloting the on-site interview program at our Job & Internship Fair. Referred students will have...

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 12:32PM

"We all have a story to tell." - Marisa Vitali #gracethemovie2015

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 12:29PM

"Create your own work. Tell your own story." - Marisa Vitali #gracethemovie2015

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 12:28PM

"Creativity flows through us." - Marisa Vitali #gracethemovie2015

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 12:26PM

Are you a student looking for a mentor or a faculty or staff member looking to become a mentor? Then…

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 12:25PM

Abraham Guerra is at #PCS today, talking about his experience in tech and his work at @IBM

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 12:24PM

Hello Marisa Vitali! #gracethemovie2015

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 12:24PM

Join @SOEPACE on 3/26 for an info session to learn more about advancing your career in education. RSVP here -

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 12:22PM

@ErinMVPS Thanks for coming! Hope you and your students had a great time.

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 12:19PM

Come learn all about Lubin’s undergraduate majors on Thursday, March 23 at 12:10- 1:10 PM in the Gottesman Room.

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 12:15PM

Learn Mandarin Chinese with @anglee's "The Wedding Banquet". Class starts tomorrow!

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 12:06PM

.@paceperfarts present sex as manipulation. No we’re not talking 50 Shades, this play did it before it was trendy.

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 12:04PM

Don't forget the Job & Internship Fair is tomorrow 2-5PM! Representatives will be in the Gym & Student Union! See you there @PaceUniversity

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 12:00PM

"I want to celebrate Women in Technology this month by sharing my knowledge and inspiring other young women." - @siobhanwilmot

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 12:00PM

Break a leg, @PacePerfArts! Les Liaisons Dangereuses opens tonight. Don’t miss out and reserve your tickets:

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 12:00PM

RT @SvetlanaKotlyar: Office hours from 130 - 3PM today at Seidenberg. All day open hours at Career Services. @pace_seidenberg Get your resume reviewed!

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 12:00PM

@silvestrichris @PaceUniversity I course! Your survey day will be tomorrow on the PLV campus

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 11:53AM

RT @ErinMVPS: What an individualized experience! @PACEadmissions made each student their own welcome bag! #mvinterim

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 11:45AM

@PhillipBagshaw In some cases, you would need it when talking with OSA, Financial Aid, or IT (2/2)

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 11:40AM

@PhillipBagshaw Hi Phillip. It's an alternative way to verify who are you without asking for your ss# (1/2)

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 11:40AM

RT @joziijobs: How to Write a Killer Interview Thank You Note #thankyounote #interviewtips

Twitter • 03/04/15 • 11:39AM