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RT @tamara_venrooy: Не удалось заснять рисующего пышу

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 10:16PM

Great article for #NACMAYP's: How The Art Of Persuasion Saved The TCU Horned Frogs

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 10:04PM

поэтессы Китая: вначале счастливая и безмятежная, полная поэзии, живописи и

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 9:04PM

#PaceU student and veteran James Ossipov is on the front lines of fighting cybercrime, one mobile phone at a time.

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 9:00PM

Pizza Party poppin

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 8:31PM

Summer Session is happening! We might have been rained out from our BBQ but the party is still going…

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 8:21PM

#Repost @karissacegelski ・・・ My senior license plate #senior#licenseplate#pace#paceuniversity#college #pacebound #nyc#newyork

Instagram • 05/27/15 • 6:11PM

ниже приведены полные итоги голосования ..

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 5:21PM

RT @NAFSA: Re: @ELIatPace's question, @Shiza says they've significantly closed the gender gap in education in Pakistan, but more work remains #NAFSA15

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 5:19PM

RT @Happy9ine: Кс, не узнаешь ?

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 5:01PM

@NAFSA What is the most significant change you've seen in Pakistan now after your many years bringing awareness and Malala's Nobel Prize?

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 4:57PM

Admissions is hosting a Summer Open House on Friday, July 31st. RSVP now!

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 4:27PM

Now listening to @CarolineKennedy US Ambassador to Japan discuss Intl Education b/w the countries at #NAFSA15

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 4:18PM

Don't forget to like our Facebook page!

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 4:15PM

Look no further than our students speak page for authentic experiences straight from #PaceU students themselves:

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 4:00PM

Ashley’s Story: “My Daughter Has Something to Look Up To”

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 3:48PM

Melinda Gates explains why good design is essential to improving global health via @voxdotcom

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 3:46PM

A great day for the Nassau County Girls Lacrosse Championships at Adelphi! Good luck to all of the teams!

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 3:42PM

#PaceU's De’Ja Cox ’17 talks 2 majors, getting involved on campus, the importance of taking some time for yourself.

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 3:22PM

Faculty: you can include playlists in your Blackboard course. Learn more here:

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 3:21PM

RT @DavidYassky: And @pacelawschool!

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 3:16PM

Hey GP STUDENTS! Come out and dance Tomorrow night

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 3:01PM

Tony Award-winning performer Ben Vereen covers the musical highlights of his career with a 3-piece band on May 30.

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 2:36PM

Photos from the Dyson Awards Ceremony!Congrats Denis Morland Shannon McKenna & Emily Wolfrum!

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 2:35PM

RT @PaceUAthletics: .@PaceLacrosse #14 in Lacrosse Magazine’s Final National Poll #PaceLax

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 2:35PM

RT @DysonCollege: We’re always expanding! Dyson has already added 2 new undergrad and graduate programs to #PaceU’s curriculum in 2015

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 2:32PM

Photos from the Dyson Awards Ceremony are out! Congrats again to Denis Morland, Shannon McKenna, and Emily Wolfrum! (Pictured with Profs. Klaeger and Fink)

Instagram • 05/27/15 • 2:32PM

.@PaceLacrosse #14 in Lacrosse Magazine’s Final National Poll #PaceLax

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 2:29PM

Link of the Week: Publisher's Weekly BEA Show Daily The big day has arrived! Book Expo...

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 2:17PM

RT @DysonCollege: BAZINGA! Jim Parsons is Inside the Actors Studio’s next guest AND #PaceU students get in free!

Twitter • 05/27/15 • 2:16PM