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Congrats to @StagsVB on their big win over BC! #GoStags

Twitter • 09/04/15 • 8:40PM

@JHHill charge admission

Twitter • 09/04/15 • 7:59PM

RT @CoachCiocci: #SetterNation stand up! First home game of the season tomorrow vs Ave Maria at 12 pm! @Pace_Football #carpediem

Twitter • 09/04/15 • 7:58PM

@sowrongitshelen next week bring a buffet

Twitter • 09/04/15 • 7:50PM

@sowrongitshelen that's normal. Snacks are good.

Twitter • 09/04/15 • 7:49PM

@C_to_the_Cizzle happy birthday!! Yeah for cupcakes, cookies, brownies, cheesecake, and ice cream on your birthday.

Twitter • 09/04/15 • 7:38PM

RT @ItsTannerJ: Well, I found my freshman 15. #IceCreamSocial

Twitter • 09/04/15 • 7:36PM

@Shetty_S3 Thanks for the kind words!

Twitter • 09/04/15 • 6:39PM

RT @FoodBank4NYC: Our great partner @DosToros is opening up a new location in downtown BK! Head to 64 Court St. for $1 BURRITOS 9/9!

Twitter • 09/04/15 • 5:28PM

Are you in a New York state of mind? Broadway comes to Bedford Rd as Programming Board presents 42nd Street in #PLV. 9/4 | 6pm | Miller Lawn

Twitter • 09/04/15 • 5:03PM

ePortfolio (Mahara) Maintenance: Wednesday, September 9th: 6:00PM – 7:00PM: For details/update visit

Twitter • 09/04/15 • 4:25PM

Head up to the Townhouses for the KickBack event!

Twitter • 09/04/15 • 4:12PM

We have celebratory cake! Come and get it while it lasts!

Twitter • 09/04/15 • 3:44PM

RT @feministcampus: We won't say what today is but we will share the 15 Most Inspiring Feminist Beyonce Quotes! #Beymas #YoungFem

Twitter • 09/04/15 • 3:23PM

We are proud to announce that @PaceUniversity has named @JHHill as the Interim Dean for the Seidenberg School!

Twitter • 09/04/15 • 3:22PM


Twitter • 09/04/15 • 3:21PM

A hop, skip, and some stops separate you from one of the most vibrant cities on Earth. Central Park. 9/6, 1pm-11:45pm | #PLV train station.

Twitter • 09/04/15 • 2:53PM

Garima spent her summer working in the heart of Manhattan at MetLife

Blog • 09/04/15 • 2:47PM

@capriciousspice If the room is continually closed, send us a message with at what time and we’ll make sure we get to the bottom of it

Twitter • 09/04/15 • 2:40PM

@capriciousspice We took a walk passed around 1PM & it was open with students, it may have been accidentally closed yesterday! Sorry!

Twitter • 09/04/15 • 2:38PM

@capriciousspice We looked into Y32 for you, it appears the rm opens at 9AM and is closed when most classes are done in the afternoon

Twitter • 09/04/15 • 2:37PM

RT @mattganis: WoooHoooo.....couldn't be happier!! The @pace_seidenberg school couldn't be in better hands! #ProudAlum @JHHill

Twitter • 09/04/15 • 2:15PM

We had a big crowd for our Welcome Event. We were so happy to see so many people turn out.…

Twitter • 09/04/15 • 2:14PM

Labor Day Sale! All 2015-16 Season Shows are 25% Off! -

Twitter • 09/04/15 • 2:12PM

Preseason only 4 days away! #PaceWbb #PaceHoops #SetterNation #GoPace

Twitter • 09/04/15 • 2:07PM

RT @PACEadmissions: Just a reminder - The University and our Admission Offices will be closed Monday, Sept. 7 for Labor Day.

Twitter • 09/04/15 • 1:50PM

RT @pace_seidenberg: We are proud to announce that @PaceUniversity has just named @JHHill as the new Dean for the Seidenberg School!

Twitter • 09/04/15 • 1:40PM

RT @MatthewKnell: Congrats to @JHHill and the @pace_seidenberg community. You guys are like peanut butter and jelly.

Twitter • 09/04/15 • 1:27PM

RT @al11588: Congrats @JHHill on being the new dean of @pace_seidenberg . #capricornswag

Twitter • 09/04/15 • 1:27PM

RT @juliegoat: HUGE congratulations to @JHHill on his new position as Dean of @pace_seidenberg! I'm so happy for all of the good work that will be done!

Twitter • 09/04/15 • 1:27PM