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"Go forward with confidence," said the #PacePrez to the graduating Class of 2015. #PaceGrad

Twitter • 05/29/15 • 1:56PM

RT @ChrisYandle: Had a nice chat with @Zach_Dayton. Good things will be happening in CT. Always nice to stop what you're doing to talk with other pros.

Twitter • 05/29/15 • 1:49PM

Welcome back @rpr3ish, will I see you in Orlando in a couple weeks?

Twitter • 05/29/15 • 1:49PM

@ChrisYandle thank you for the time today, appreciate your advice and insight

Twitter • 05/29/15 • 1:48PM

"You have earned every compliment you will receive. We are very proud of you," said the #PacePrez at the @pacelawschool graduation.#PaceGrad

Twitter • 05/29/15 • 1:46PM

RT @nycgov: Check out @ShapeUpNYC's list of 200+ free fitness classes offered through @nycparks across the five boroughs:

Twitter • 05/29/15 • 12:58PM

#Internship Alert: Catalyst Films, an NY based independent production company, is seeking a production intern

Twitter • 05/29/15 • 12:47PM

#Internship Alert: Catalyst Films, an award-winning New York based independent production company, is seeking an...

Twitter • 05/29/15 • 12:42PM

Were you at our Westchester Commencement on May 19? Maybe we took your photo! Check out the album here: #PaceGrad

Twitter • 05/29/15 • 12:39PM

@BenVereen would like to tell you in his own words why you should come to his concert tomorrow at 7:30!

Twitter • 05/29/15 • 12:31PM

RT @wildangels: Google I/O extended Day 2 starts with Polymer #io15 @pace_seidenberg

Twitter • 05/29/15 • 12:29PM

RT @wilpen: Testing One, Two, tu-ru, tu-tu #CakeFest2015

Twitter • 05/29/15 • 12:29PM

Twitter • 05/29/15 • 12:26PM

Twitter • 05/29/15 • 12:26PM

Check out the "Retail Daydreams” online exhibit curated by talented #PaceU students in the @ICPhotog program:

Twitter • 05/29/15 • 12:00PM

Explore a Program: MBA in International Business - a firm grounding in international finance, marketing & HR mgmt

Twitter • 05/29/15 • 11:21AM

Are you in? Awesome. Now what? Let Dyson College's Dean Nira Herrmann, PhD, explain it to you. #PaceBound

Twitter • 05/29/15 • 11:09AM

#NAFSA15 Day 4! Today we are learning best practices for connecting with our former students, the ELI Alumni!

Twitter • 05/29/15 • 11:07AM

The Pace University 2014-2015 academic year goes out with a Big Bang...Theory visit. Guess who's stopping by #PaceU?

Twitter • 05/29/15 • 10:29AM

Raising New Capital for Your Mission-Driven Startup

Twitter • 05/29/15 • 10:20AM

Happy Friday!

Twitter • 05/29/15 • 10:15AM

The Wilson Center Weekly is out! Stories via @vppartners

Twitter • 05/29/15 • 10:13AM

On June 10, #PaceU hosts Blackboard on Tour--meet experts, educators, meet technologists that use Blackboard. #NYC

Twitter • 05/29/15 • 10:03AM

Incoming Pace Westchester students - get ready to hear from this awesome team! Repost @plv_sdca ・・・ Excited to have our new Orientation Coordinators here!! #plvorientation #plvclassof2019 #PaceU #ThatsWhatSettersDo

Instagram • 05/29/15 • 9:56AM

@TaylorShort18 awesome thanks

Twitter • 05/29/15 • 9:22AM

RT @DysonCollege: Get a head start on the Fall semester with a #PaceU summer session course. The second summer semester starts July 6

Twitter • 05/29/15 • 9:19AM

Approach each day with a positive attitude, passion for you work and a focus on being a servant leader #PDlife

Twitter • 05/29/15 • 9:15AM

#Repost @plv_sdca with @repostapp. ・・・ Excited to have our new Orientation Coordinators here!! #plvorientation #plvclassof2019 #PaceU #ThatsWhatSettersDo

Instagram • 05/29/15 • 9:10AM

Stop by Mortola Library and check out our staff picks for summer reading:

Twitter • 05/29/15 • 9:01AM

#flashbackfriday to St. Patrick's Day when this photo was taken of our Honors Council President…

Twitter • 05/29/15 • 8:57AM