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RT @pewinternet: Facebook by far leads Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube as a source of news for U.S. adults

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 4:02PM

Pace in Pleasantville: School of Education, 5-Year Combined Degree Programs/Partnerships #PaceU

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 4:02PM

#PaceU alumna Margaret Dudasik ’13, Musical Thtr & Film & Screen Studies, will perform in @Cabaret_Musical 7/19-8/7!

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 4:00PM

RT @nypl: “Great poetry...needs no other interpreter than a responsive heart.” - Helen Keller

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 3:57PM

RT @APA_Style: Already familiar with #APAStyle? Our online course offers a more in-depth understanding & 4 CE credits:

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 3:56PM

RT @OED: OED Word of the Day: supernaculum, adv., n., and int.

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 3:56PM

RT @OED: In the mid-20th-century Brits sometimes used the slang adjective 'honkers' to mean 'drunk'.

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 3:53PM

RT @OED: A person or being from another planet can be known as an 'off-worlder', particularly in U.S. science fiction.

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 3:53PM

#PaceU faculty & staff talk delegates, trans rights, and much more in this month's "Fit to Print."

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 3:51PM

@Don_Morgan Hi Don! You can contact our financial aid office at 1- (877)-672-1830 or email

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 3:36PM

RT @steinersports: COO Kelvin Joseph speaking to participants in this year’s @PaceUniversity COAP program about career opportunities!

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 3:34PM

Creative Writing & Lit Prof Helane Levine-Keating shares her passion for photography & the visual world w/#PaceU!

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 3:00PM

RT @CroninOnHudson: Proud to deliver @PaceUniversity environmental engagement message @HarborSchool commencement @PaceUNews @DysonEnv

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 2:52PM

#PaceU faculty and staff: Do you have any words of wisdom for the #PaceBound Class of 2020? Let’s hear it!

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 2:42PM

Lubin's Juliet Cottodejesus appeared on @PIX11News as part of their ongoing feature of #PaceU student veterans!

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 2:06PM

RT @PaceUniversity: 95% full-time employment rate for undergraduates who used Career Services at #PaceU.

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 2:02PM

Do you have the right attitude? #careertips #paceumarketready

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 2:00PM

Check out how #PaceU students get hands-on research in the BA Env Studies program!

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 2:00PM

Great opportunity for certified Spanish teachers at Icahn Charter School! #teach

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 1:45PM

RT @T95Ball: Admit to and make yourself accountable for mistakes. How can you improve if you're never wrong? -- Pat Summitt 1952-2016 #PrayForPat

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 1:21PM

It's not too early to start thinking about Race for the Cure! Registration is $40 until July 15, so get going!

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 1:13PM

RT @PaceUCareers: Fall '16 #Internship deadline approaching! @NBCUniversal (Ad Sales Program) #pacemcva @LubinBSchool

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 1:08PM

The Dyson College Faculty Bookshelf is here! Read about #PaceU profs' recent book publications!

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 1:00PM

RT @marketechs1: Excited to partner with @PaceUAthletics !!

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 12:57PM

.@pace_seidenberg's Team DiscoVeR is using virtual reality to restore vision after a stroke.

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 12:53PM

Exploring a career in science or biomedical research? @NBBTP Fellowship App due July 5th! @DysonCollege

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 12:30PM

"Smart and connected communities" come together at the #STEM Collaboratory oyster event!

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 12:15PM

#PaceU's UHC Assoc. Director Karen Martin shares ways for Setters to keep cool this summer.

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 12:14PM

RT @PaceUniversity: Missed #PaceU's Research Day? Here are the student and faculty winners on both campuses:

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 12:13PM

RT Nickesha Chung, MS Env Science, discusses the water crisis & how she'll use her education at #PaceU for a change

Twitter • 06/28/16 • 12:02PM