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#jobalert: MasTrack seeks full-stack engineer for day-to-day programming & future dvlp needs

Twitter • 06/27/16 • 11:28AM

RT @mikefinewood: Our @PaceUniversity Westchester campus garden is coming along! @DysonEnv @DysonCollege @EMelanieDuPuis @MattLammens

Twitter • 06/27/16 • 11:28AM

Get an inside look at our residential facilities! Learn about the cost and amenities each building has to offer....

Twitter • 06/27/16 • 11:20AM

Save the date! Schimmel Center will announce its 2016 - 2017 season on July 18th. -

Twitter • 06/27/16 • 11:14AM

RT @pewinternet: News Use Across Social Media Platforms 2016

Twitter • 06/27/16 • 11:10AM

RT @OED: OED Word of the Day: bahala na, int.

Twitter • 06/27/16 • 11:08AM

RT @librarycongress: Son of former slaves, acclaimed poet & author Paul Laurence Dunbar born #OTD 1872

Twitter • 06/27/16 • 11:07AM

RT @nypl: This season of #GameofThrones may be over, but the story continues with our title generator:

Twitter • 06/27/16 • 11:07AM

RT @OED: OED Word of the Day: off-off-off Broadway, adj, n., and adv. See also off-off Broadway, off-Broadway…

Twitter • 06/27/16 • 11:05AM

95% full-time employment rate for undergraduates who used Career Services at #PaceU.

Twitter • 06/27/16 • 10:56AM

Awesome shot of #PaceU in PLV by @see_u_in_court.

Twitter • 06/27/16 • 10:45AM

@Don_Morgan @PACEadmissions Can you please respond?

Twitter • 06/27/16 • 10:22AM

Handshake Monday! Check out the new dashboard and be sure to complete your profile today #paceU

Twitter • 06/27/16 • 10:03AM

#PaceU's MS in Publishing Program announces the 2016-17 Visiting David Pecker Professor, Lisa Sharkey!

Twitter • 06/27/16 • 10:02AM

It’s your turn, #PaceU. Take the plunge. #MondayMotivation

Twitter • 06/27/16 • 9:15AM

Prospective students: Tomorrow is #TransferTuesday! RSVP >> #PaceBound #PaceU

Twitter • 06/27/16 • 9:00AM

@LubinBSchool undergraduate Arilla starts her 8-week @wilson_center funded internship @HourChildren today! Good Luck

Twitter • 06/27/16 • 8:58AM

Students built mobile #apps to raise awareness of the #Zika virus

Twitter • 06/26/16 • 4:06PM

Visit campus & come to our info session, 8/3! See what Pace Law is really like! RSVP #PaceU

Twitter • 06/26/16 • 4:01PM

When Honors Student @nate_ruess went to Rome this summer she found the Pace Pride flag.…

Twitter • 06/26/16 • 3:04PM

Obama’s endorsement of Clinton puts pressure on Sanders #PaceU

Twitter • 06/26/16 • 3:01PM

@AkbarScience Loved your video!

Twitter • 06/26/16 • 1:37PM

RT @PaceUniversity: .@pace_seidenberg's Team DiscoVeR is using virtual reality to restore vision after a stroke.

Twitter • 06/26/16 • 1:08PM

The Dyson College Faculty Bookshelf is here! Read about #PaceU professors' recent book publications! #PaceU

Twitter • 06/26/16 • 1:01PM

.@pace_seidenberg's Team DiscoVeR is using virtual reality to restore vision after a stroke.

Twitter • 06/26/16 • 12:53PM

.@DysonCollege hosts the International Society for Environmental Ethics Conference’s on environmental philosophy.

Twitter • 06/26/16 • 12:04PM

RT #PaceU Env Studies & Sci Prof Matthew Aiello-Lammens talks about hiking & biodiversity w/Pace Profs!

Twitter • 06/26/16 • 12:01PM

RT The @nytimes reviews "Between Riverside and Crazy" feat. #PaceU @ActorsStudioMFA alumnus Victor Almanzar!

Twitter • 06/26/16 • 11:01AM

Congrats to #setternation member @bigbenray playing in the CHaD New Hampshire East West All Star Game last night!

Twitter • 06/26/16 • 10:51AM

RT @CoachCiocci: Great being at Fordham football camp tonight in NJ! #huntemdown @Pace_Football #setternation

Twitter • 06/26/16 • 10:46AM