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RT @nancypantsx3: New lifestyle.

Twitter • 07/24/16 • 12:56AM

Despite the heat, a great day recruiting today! Special thanks to @coach_smith3 and @LIYELLOWJACKETS for two amazing events on Long Island!

Twitter • 07/23/16 • 9:07PM

RT @NYMag: The case against having a backup plan:

Twitter • 07/23/16 • 8:19PM

#DidYouKnow that the pheromones someone produces can be a factor when it comes to attraction? #YourHealth

Twitter • 07/23/16 • 7:52PM

Twitter • 07/23/16 • 6:52PM

RT @KatherineFink: ICYMI, class of 2016: the job market's not so bad. #pacemcva @PaceUniversity @pacechronicle #collegemedia

Twitter • 07/23/16 • 6:19PM

RT @BuzzFeed: The first “Justice League” trailer brings the fun

Twitter • 07/23/16 • 5:16PM

RT @HuffPostCollege: Latino student shuts down dentist who questioned his Stanford admission

Twitter • 07/23/16 • 5:14PM

RT @NYDailyNews: With his @Water charity, Matt Damon is an even bigger hero than Jason Bourne

Twitter • 07/23/16 • 5:10PM

RT @FOX29philly: Philadelphia LGBTQ Community Reacts To Trump's Comments During RNC

Twitter • 07/23/16 • 5:09PM

#RepresentationMatters in every aspect

Twitter • 07/23/16 • 5:09PM

RT @nytimes: NYT reporters went on ridealongs with officers in 10 departments across the U.S. We're taking you along.

Twitter • 07/23/16 • 5:09PM

RT @Variety: The first #JusticeLeague trailer is here. #SDCC2016

Twitter • 07/23/16 • 5:07PM

RT @BuzzFeedNews: Black People Talk About Police Brutality And How It Affects Them

Twitter • 07/23/16 • 5:07PM

RT @nypost: Three Florida men allegedly planned to travel to Syria and become fighters for the Islamic State

Twitter • 07/23/16 • 5:06PM

RT @FoxNews: Fox News Poll: How most Americans feel about nation's ability to prevent terrorist attacks.

Twitter • 07/23/16 • 5:06PM

RT @PaceUniversity: #PaceU faculty & staff talk delegates, trans rights, and much more in this month's "Fit to Print."

Twitter • 07/23/16 • 5:06PM

RT @USATODAYcollege: For your Saturday night needs

Twitter • 07/23/16 • 5:05PM

RT @chronicle: The Penn State group was not here for the party. They were here for the party-crashers:

Twitter • 07/23/16 • 5:05PM

RT @NBCNews: 'Heat dome' lingers, puts 110 million under sweltering temps

Twitter • 07/23/16 • 5:04PM

RT @washingtonpost: The rise of black nationalist groups that captivated killers in Dallas, Baton Rouge

Twitter • 07/23/16 • 5:04PM

RT Missed #PaceU's Research Day? Here are the student and faculty winners on both campuses:

Twitter • 07/23/16 • 4:01PM

#PaceU faculty & staff talk delegates, trans rights, and much more in this month's "Fit to Print."

Twitter • 07/23/16 • 3:51PM

RT @BuzzFeed: This gay cancer patient was told fertility treatment was only for straight people

Twitter • 07/23/16 • 3:37PM

RT @BuzzFeedNews: What’s Next For Black Lives Matter: Working To Reduce The Police Or Working With Them?

Twitter • 07/23/16 • 3:37PM

RT @FoxNews: Poll average: @HillaryClinton vs. @realDonaldTrump.

Twitter • 07/23/16 • 3:37PM

RT @EliteDaily: You'll want to read this.

Twitter • 07/23/16 • 3:36PM

RT @TIME: Mother of ambassador killed in Benghazi attack asks Donald Trump to stop using his name

Twitter • 07/23/16 • 3:36PM

#PaceU student and U.S. Navy Veteran Raphael Harry is the latest student veteran to be profiled by WPIX.

Twitter • 07/23/16 • 3:35PM

This Gay Cancer Patient Was Told Fertility Treatment Was Only For Straight People

Twitter • 07/23/16 • 2:47PM