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Undergraduate Admission

Get connected to your fellow PaceBound students!

PaceYourself is an online private app that is designed especially for accepted students to have honest conversations and make real connections before stepping foot on campus. This is the official Pace University Facebook community for accepted students.
Only accepted students for Fall 2016 and select current students and staff can join, which means the community is all about the student experience. Current students and staff can also learn about you and your concerns, making sure everyone is getting the right messages at the right time.  
If you’re looking for an easy way to meet other incoming students from your hometown, ask questions, find others who have similar interests or major, and learn about important information for accepted students this is the place for you.


How do I get started?

After approximately 10 days of receiving your acceptance letter, you will receive an e-mail invitation to join the community. Click on “Accept Invitation”, authenticate your e-mail and connect your account to your pre-existing Facebook account. If you are unable to join the community or have any questions about the app, please contact Rob Silverman.

Why does this app need to connect with Facebook?

Your student community account will only authenticate using your Facebook account in order to pre-populate your community profile with photos and profile information. After your profile has been authenticated, the student community and your private Facebook profile operate separately from each other. Activity from the app does not appear on your private Facebook and Facebook activity does not appear in the app.
You must have a Facebook account to join the admitted student community. Pace University will only be able to see your student community profile and does not have any access to your personal Facebook account.

What if I am not sure about attending Pace University?

Even if you are still considering other schools, we strongly encourage students to join the community. You will be able to communicate with other students working through the same decision and you will have direct and easy access to staff and current students on campus.
There is no better way to get a better feel for campus than joining the accepted student community.

Are other accepted students joining?

More than 3,000 accepted students from Fall 2015 joined the community and had deep levels of engagement throughout the year. We expect to see increased levels of interested from students accepted for Fall 2016.