Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?
Talk with your department chairperson and your dean about your ideas to determine what institutional support there may be for your project. Often foundations want to see that the institution has made its own commitment to the project being proposed. Once you have a sense of what internal support will be available, you will be in a better position to seek external support. Also, your department chair and dean will need to approve any applications for outside funding.
Should I contact Sponsored Research or Corporate and Foundation Relations?
Contact Sponsored Research and Economic Development if you wish to approach a federal or state funding source such as the New York State Council on the Arts, Department of Energy, National Endowment for the Humanities, or National Endowment for the Arts.
Contact Corporate and Foundation Relations if you wish to explore corporate, foundation, or other non-governmental, philanthropic organizations for your project or research, or for developing a new program or initiative. In addition, many foundations have well-defined topical interests that may align with your project. Depending on the nature of your project, you may work with both offices.
How can Corporate and Foundation Relations help me?
The department maintains relationships with many corporations and foundations. We can share our direct knowledge and insights into the organization with you, guiding you on the best way to make contact and helping to avoid potential conflicts if others at the University already have proposals before them.
We can also assist you in identifying appropriate corporate and foundation prospects. We may be able to put you in touch with others at Pace and elsewhere who are involved in similar projects or related research. As you move forward, we can consult with you on writing the proposal, preparing the budget, and reporting on your results.
How do I determine whether my project will appeal to funders?
Foundations vary widely in their priorities and areas of focus, and many periodically review and revise their programs in response to changing conditions. Our Funding Resources page offers links to sites where you can learn more about foundations and how they operate.
While foundations seek projects that address their identified focus areas, they may favor programs that also exhibit one or more of the following characteristics: multi-institutional collaboration; interdisciplinary programs; college-community partnerships, especially if in conjunction with local or regional K-12 schools; service to underserved populations; or access to higher education for non-traditional students.
Foundations often wish to support projects that will have an impact beyond the initiating institution and/or projects that will develop new solutions to persistent problems. Foundations may also seek reassurance that the initiating institution will commit its own resources to the proposed project and that there is a plan in place to continue the project, if appropriate, when the foundation’s support is exhausted.
I am interested in mailing out a letter of inquiry (also known as a letter of intent or LOI) or proposal. Does this have to be routed through anyone?
In the event that you are interested in submitting a LOI or a proposal, please contact Corporate and Foundation Relations at (212) 346-1721 or There are two reasons for this: 1) We may have existing relationships with the funder that can help; and 2) There may be other approaches from different parts of the University that could be interrupted or jeopardized as a result of your approach.
How do I find out about grants from Corporations and Foundations I can apply for?
For assistance in researching current Request for Proposals (RFP’s) or possible corporate and/or foundation funding, please fill out an Inquiry Form.
I am having trouble writing my proposal. Where can I find help?
While Corporate and Foundation Relations would be happy to assist you in the process, you may also want to consider taking courses at the Foundation Center. The Foundation Center is a useful tool for grant seekers, offering seminars in proposal writing, maintaining a relationship with a funder, reporting, and much more.
Foundation Center
79 Fifth Avenue, Second Floor
(Between 15th and 16th Street)
New York, NY 10003
Tel: 212-620-4230
What approvals will I need?
Before submitting a proposal to a corporation or foundation, principal investigators or project directors must complete a Grant Proposal Clearance Form, along with a project description and a one-page budget. We ask that you submit these materials to us at least ten business days prior to the final submission date, so that the proper clearance can be obtained.
My proposal was accepted. What do I do now?
Celebrate! And then let Corporate and Foundation Relations and Sponsored Research know. Grant agreements and contracts need official Pace University sign off. We can also help you open an account for your new or existing award, as well as stay in contact with the funder throughout the grantmaking process.
My proposal was rejected. What do I do now?
Don't be discouraged. Many organizations are willing to provide advice after a proposal is rejected. A call or a letter to thank them for considering the proposal, with an inquiry as to how it might be improved, can be invaluable. It may provide you with information for resubmission or on how to revise your proposal for submission to another funder.
For additional information on Corporate and Foundation Relations, please contact us at The Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, Mark Godwin, can be reached at (212) 346-1721. The Corporate and Foundation Relations Associate, Amanda Schick, can be reached at (212) 346-1738.