2008 Scholarship Reception


18th Annual President’s Scholarship Reception
President Stephen J. Friedman welcomed over one hundred and twenty guests comprised of donors, alumni, students, parents, staff and friends to the 18th Annual President’s Scholarship Reception on the evening of Wednesday, October 22, 2008 in the Eddie Layton Student Union, New York City campus. The Scholarship Reception honors the generosity of scholarship donors and the impact of their gifts to students who excel in academic, social and athletic areas within the University. Scholarship recipients and their parents have the chance to meet and personally thank the donors responsible for the gift of education.
President Friedman, host of this event, remarked how grateful he is of the donors’ generosity because students are achieving a great deal with the support they receive.
In addition to being treated by a wonderful performance from students of the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences Musical Theater program, the remarks from the donor and student speakers confirmed the guests’ dedication and commitment to Pace University.
Ms. Emily A. Brodeur ’93, ’99, donor speaker and benefactor of the David M. Brodeur Family Endowed Scholarship, shared her personal experience of the importance of scholarship support. Ms. Brodeur, who was also a scholarship recipient during her studies at Pace, created a scholarship fund to give students similar opportunities to those she had.
The student speaker, Janice T. Smith ’09, recipient of the Ada F. Hartog Memorial Scholarship and the Helene Trupp Wilson Scholarship, expressed her gratitude in receiving scholarship support. Janice is on the road to pursuing her childhood dream of being a nurse which she affirms was made possible by her donors’ support.
Jeanne Dennison, VP for Philanthropy, took time to provide a special acknowledgment to the donors who were present. Newly created scholarships were announced and recognition given to the Office of Financial Aid for their important role in the success of scholarship support at Pace.

 18th Annual President’s Scholarship Reception

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