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For some professions, a graduate degree is a prerequisite. For other professions, advancement is only possible if one has obtained the credentials once they've entered the field. You may be considering some type of graduate or professional studies either directly after graduation or sometime in the future. Before investing the time and money required you should have thoroughly researched the degree and career options as well as determined if this is a field you want to dedicate years to. Making an informed decision involves extensive planning and research. The following sources should help you in planning your step-by-step approach to selecting and gaining admittance to graduate school.

Getting Started

General Information Sites

Testing & Test Prep

Financial Aid

Business School

Law School

Medical and Dental School

Pace University Graduate Schools


Getting Started
Timetable for Graduate Applications

It is important to start early gathering information about various schools, tests and applications. The process should begin a year and a half prior to desired date of entrance, some even earlier. Application deadlines range from one year ahead to late spring or summer; some have rolling admissions. Most deadlines for entry in the fall are between January and March.

This checklist should prove to be useful in your planning.

1. Research areas of interest, programs and requirements. Talk to professors and advisors.
2. Learn about graduate admissions, tests, dates and requirements.
3. Attend open houses and graduate/professional school presentations.
4. Investigate national scholarships, fellowships and financial aid sources.
5. Decide which schools you wish to apply to and gather applications.
6. Register and sit for required graduate test.
7. Complete and submit applications, essays and obtain letters of recommendation and transcripts.
8. Follow up with schools to make sure your application file is complete prior to deadlines.
9. Consider acceptances, visit schools, speak with current students and alumni.
10. Decide which school you are accepting and inform all others of your decision.

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General Information Sites

College and University Rankings

Council of Graduate Schools - Webpage of an association of over 400 colleges and universities which offer graduate degrees in 3 or more fields.  Access to each member institution provided. - Bringing students together with colleges, universities, graduate schools, and professional schools and helping them identify the scholarships and financial aid for which they may qualify.

Graduate Guide -  A comprehensive resource of colleges and schools. - Features in-depth graduate / professional school profiles with information about facilities, research, expenses and financial aid along with links to thousands of programs nationwide.. - The online directory of graduate school programs.

Peterson's Grad Channel - Timetable for graduate school admission.

Kaplan - The main Kaplan landing page

Kaplan - GRE Analysis of the New GRE Scoring Scale:


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Test Prep Courses Offered at Pace - Take a test prep course and give yourself the best possible advantage to get into the graduate school of your choice. 

Educational Testing Service - Company which designs and administers graduate school tests such as GMAT and GRE, provides practice questions, financial aid information and career guidance.

Graduate Management Admission Council - Register for the GMAT.  This site has tools to help you prepare.

Kaplan Test Prep - The largest test preparing company gives information about courses they provide for various graduate school admission. 

Law School Admission Council - Numerous sites related to law school admissions.

MCAT - Almost all U.S. medical schools require applicants to submit MCAT scores. Medical college admission committees consider MCAT scores as part of their admission decision process.


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Financial Aid

FastWeb - The Internet's largest scholarship search vehicle. Database of more than 180,000 scholarships, grants, fellowships, and loans.

FinAid: The Financial Aid Information Page - Comprehensive resource for objective and unbiased information about financial aid available on the www.

Kaplan provides tuition discounts (save up to 50%) to be applied towards Kaplan’s test preparation programs for those who demonstrate financial need and based on available funds.  For Tuition Assistance application, contact local area manager at


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Medical and Dental School Links for Medical School Applicants - Various sites to assist in medical school application process.

American Association of College of Osteopathic Medicine - Information about osteopathic medicine, osteopathic colleges, financial aid, etc.

Association of American Medical Colleges - General information on admission to US medical schools, programs, financial aid. Contains all you need to know before applying.

Yahoo! Medical Schools Admissions Guidance - Various sites having to do with medical school, school webpages, and admission.

Kaplan - MCAT - Kaplan's partnership with American Medical Student Association (AMSA), students can save a stackable 10% off On-site, Anywhere or On Demand course.

Kaplan - DAT - Dental School


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Business School

Pace University Lubin School of Business - Provides a link to every undergraduate, graduate, and executive education business program web site. They also critique and highlight the use of the web within these business education programs.

GMAC: Graduate Management Admission Council - A not-for-profit education association dedicated to creating access to graduate management and professional education.

Kaplan - GMAT - Kaplan survey finds that majority of top business schools now accept the GRE as an admissions alternative to the GMAT:


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Law School

Pace University School of Law

ABA Approved Law Schools - Alphabetical listing of approved law schools with their sites and maps.

Association of American Law Schools - Homepage of AALS lists member schools, publications, workshops and conferences, and faculty recruitment services.

Davidson Pre-Law Society - Filled with advice and news for anyone interested in a career in law.

Law Around the Net - National database listing legal resources, legal services and attorneys by case type.

Law School Admission Council - Official source for info about LSAT and law school admissions. On-line LSAT registration.

Law School and the LSAT - Information on Kaplan LSAT prep courses. Tips on doing well on the test and other entrance exams.

Writing for Law School Admission - Tips on writing your personal statement, letters of recommendation, and application essays.


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Pace University Graduate Schools

Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
Computer Science and Information Systems
Lubin School of Business
Lienhard School of Nursing
School of Education


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