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Pace University Career Service's Guidebooks 
(PDF documents) -  FULL of information developed by the Career Service staff.

Careers in the Federal Government Handbook Negotiating Salary and Benefits Tip Sheet
Complete Job Search Guide (3 in 1) Theater Resume Guidebook
Correspondence/Letter Writing Guidebook Resume and Cover Letter Guidebook
Counseling Guidebook Writing Letters of Recommendation
Education Guidebook - For teacher candidates Interviewing for Success Guidebook
Graduate Career Management Guide Guide for Athletes
Healthcare Professionals Guidebook  


Career Quick Tips 

(PDF documents) -  Quick reference guides to help you in you job search.

Featured Guide: Dressing for Success

Interview Tip Sheet Networking
Dining Etiquette Personal Branding Tips for Students - eBook  from PwC
How to Work a Career Fair Salary Negotiation
Life After OPT - work authorization information for International Students from Garganigo Goldsmith & Weiss Law Firm Ten Tips for a Successful Online Job Search - from


LinkedIn - Linkedin is the world’s largest professional network dedicated to helping individuals maintain a list of connections. LinkedIn connects you to your trusted contacts and helps you exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals. These connections can then be used to find a job, find out more about potential employers including which of you contacts might be able to refer you, and fill your own job vacancies through the social network.

In addition to the useful tip sheets below, check out recommendations from Career Services on Steps to Networking and Building Pace Contacts Using LinkedIn

From Developer Resource FYI  -  How to Answer The 64 Toughest Interview Questions

Career Related BLOGS - Read posts from employers, recruiters and those familiar with "The Real World"


Startup Career Resources

Pace's Startup Career Resources by Wakefield demystify the startup job search for students. Content has been developed from conversations with hundreds of startups as well as intensive case studies of "startup success stories" like Tumblr, Spotify, Microsoft, Meetup, Behance, and Stack Exchange.