New York Graduate

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Order cap and gown online by March 24.

Caps, gowns, and tickets will be distributed in the Student Union, Level B.

Dear Members of the Class of 2006,

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation. You have worked hard for this accomplishment, and I hope that you enjoy celebrating your wonderful achievement. You will be joining a distinguished group of individuals—more than 100,000 Pace alumni, and you should look forward to your continued relationship with Pace as one of our alumni.

Your Pace degree prepares you well to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead and to deal confidently with a world of rapid and constant change. Your Pace education will provide you with the foundation for sound decision making and much success. We at Pace have tried to instill in you a love for learning and the idea that continuous learning is a lifelong need. We hope that you will seek further educational opportunities at Pace through the academic schools or our Office of Adult and Continuing Education.

I look forward to seeing you at commencement. This is a very special one as it also celebrates the 100th anniversary of Pace. This guide contains important information about graduation. Please familiarize yourself with this material so that your graduation ceremony will proceed smoothly. We will do everything we can to help you enjoy your day in the sun.

My very best wishes to you,

Joseph C. Morreale
Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

This Web site will be your guide through the various steps leading to commencement and should answer most of your questions. If you require more specific information regarding commencement, please contact your commencement coordinator: