Academic Attire

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Academic Attire
Academic attire consisting of a cap, gown, and hood will be distributed to all graduates participating in the ceremony. Only those graduates participating in academic attire will receive guest admission tickets.

For your convenience, we are providing online service to order your cap, gown and hood. Please log on to and complete the online order form. The cost for cap, gown, and hood will be approximately $45 to $60 depending on your degree. Your academic attire must be ordered prior to the March 16, 2007, deadline date. The online Herff Jones site will close midnight on March 16. If you do not order online prior to the March 16 deadline date, you must contact your commencement coordinator no later than the distribution dates. Also, please be advised that no refunds will be given after the distribution dates (see Distribution Dates and Location).

Note: We will be ordering a small quantity of extra Pace custom gowns and they will be available on the distribution dates. Please keep in mind that Pace gowns are custom-made and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Once we have depleted the extra custom Pace gowns, we will not be able to fill your order. Size and hood colors cannot be guaranteed. We recommend that you order your gown prior to the March 16 deadline date to insure that you have your Pace custom gown.

Cash payment only will be accepted after the March 16 deadline date for the cost of your academic attire, as well as a $25 late processing fee.