Visitors Visas for Family Members

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This following procedure is provided for students wishing to invite a family member from outside the United States whom would require a visitor’s visa to enter the country, to attend the student’s Commencement ceremony. This procedure applies to both domestic students and international students of Pace University. The student will be obtaining and/or writing two different letters, all of which must be given to the family member(s) being invited to the ceremony. 

1.      The first letter is obtained at the request of the student from the Office of Student Assistance, verifying the student’s graduation status, and the date of the Commencement ceremony he or she is eligible to participate in. To obtain this letter, a student must fill out a “Letter Request Form” from the Office of Student Assistance (, and submit it to the Office of Student Assistance for processing. When received, this letter is to remain sealed and unopened.
2.      The second letter is personally written by the student to be sent to the family member(s) being invited to the Commencement ceremony.  This letter will express the wish of the student to invite the family member(s) to his or her Commencement ceremony here in the United States, with the location and date of the ceremony included. This letter must be addressed to the specific U.S. Embassy/Consulate the family member(s) will be applying to for a visitor’s visa, with the complete names of each family member as it is printed on their respective passports.
3.      Both letters are to be sent to the family member(s) by the student and are to be presented to the U.S. Embassy/Consulate in person by the family member(s) when applying for the visitor visas. The letter obtained from the Office of Student Assistance must remain sealed and unopened when presented to the U.S. Embassy/Consulate.