Dyson Houses

Whether you know what you want to study or are undecided; whether you will be living on-campus or commuting; whether you know what you want to do with your life or not — if you are a Dyson College of Arts and Science student you can belong to a Dyson House and find a “home” within the college.

What are the Dyson Houses? Think Harry Potter houses or fraternity/sorority houses, but only in virtual terms and without magic. Each “House” is organized around a common theme, and will offer you a wide variety of intellectual, cultural and social activities to enhance your Pace experience. Don’t worry, there are no grades involved, no particular courses or majors required, and you can change Houses if your interests change. You choose whichever House you feel fits your needs for your first semester, and in the second semester you can choose a new House or stay with your original one.

New York City Houses

The Dyson Houses are not particular buildings, but in some cases correspond with themed floors in Maria’s Tower. NOTE: If you live in the Maria’s Tower themed floor connected to a House, you’ll automatically get that House, but on the flipside you DO NOT have to live on the themed floor to be in that House. There are five Houses, each containing roughly 100 first-year students plus some sophomores. Each House has a faculty “don,” and a peer leader to organize events (especially the social and competitive ones) and give guidance. Housemates meet during orientation and by email and Facebook. During the academic year, general Dyson House events and House-specific events — trips, plays, speakers, and gatherings — are planned every week.

Read more about each New York City House:

Ready to choose your House?

More questions? Check out our FAQs or e-mail Bill Offutt at woffutt@pace.edu.

Pleasantville Houses

New, starting in 2010, the Dyson Houses program is expanding to the Pleasantville campus!
Read more about each Pleasantville House: