Dyson Faculty Receive Project Pericles Grants

Project Pericles

Exploring the use of media as a tool for creating social change; examining the tension of art making and the business of art; and learning about society, values and democratic participation as expressed in thematic literary works are just a few of the topics around which Dyson College faculty have created innovative, new courses.

For their creativity, six Dyson faculty members received course development grants from Project Pericles for developing five new civic engagement and public value courses. Project Pericles Fellowship Grants are awarded to faculty members who develop courses that explicitly address the topics of social responsibility and active citizenship. Faculty who received grants are:

Shamita Dutta-Gupta, PhD, Associate Professor, Mathematics, for Teach and Learn Elementary Calculus, the Mathematics department’s first AOK1 course. Students will learn single variable calculus while tutoring high school students in concepts of algebra. Reinforcing mathematical concepts for high school students would better prepare Pace students for learning calculus at the college level and meet the need for math tutoring at the high school level.

Amy Foerster, PhD, Associate Professor, Sociology,and Jillian Mcdonald, Assistant Professor, Fine Arts, for a new paired learning community course titled Art and the Market: Between Commerce and Creation. This course is designed to examine the critical tension between art-making and the business of art.

Linda Gottesfeld, Professor, Fine Arts, for the course Painting and Engagement: Tools for the Classroom. This course offers an introduction to painting techniques, elements of design, and expressive content. Students will integrate this material with readings and discussions on civic engagement, taking art outside the studio to elementary school students.

Patricia Hamill, Adjunct Professor, English, for the course The Individual and Society. The course will address thematic considerations of various literary texts as they offer a rich opportunity for dynamic interaction and learning about society, values and democratic participation.

Emilie Zaslow, PhD, Assistant Professor, Communication Studies, for the course Youth/Media/Democracy: Art and Media Production as Tools of Democracy in Action. In this civic engagement course, students will not only learn about the role of youth as artist/media producer, but will work with young urban producers to help them think through their media use and guide them as they engage in the process of using their voices as tools for social change and democratic participation, and using media as tools of expression.

Professors Zaslow and Hamill’s courses had the added distinction of being selected to receive their grant funds from the national Project Pericles office, which recently received support from The Teagle Foundation and the Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation to fund distinctive courses selected from proposals submitted by all 22 Periclean institutions.