Request Letters from the ELI Office Online

Students are encouraged to make requests for the below letters online and pick up the documents at the ELI Office.  Students will receive an e-mail from the ELI Office after the document has been finished and is ready for pickup.  Please e-mail the ELI Program Assistants at to check the status of your letter request if you do not receive a response within 2-3 business days after submitting.  Click the button below to begin your Letter Request.


Explanation of Letters

Enrollment Letter Request (Current Session Attendance Only)

This letter is a written statement that a student is currently studying at the English Language Institute and includes the current sessiondates.  If you need a letter multiple terms you must request a Transcript at the Office of Student Assistance (OSA) at 1 Pace Plaza or online through MyPace Portal.


Proof of Address Request (Bank Letter)

This letter is a written statement confirming a student's address in the United States.  It is commonly requested to open a US bank account.


Visa Renewal Letter

Students that will travel to their home country and renew their F-1 visa should request this letter as supporting documentation that they have been attending ELI Pace University.


**Please take note that effective May 2015, if you require any official letters that you have attended courses at the ELI you must request a Transcript at the Office of Student Assistance (OSA) at 1 Pace Plaza or online through MyPace Portal.  The ELI is no longer issuing written Certificates of Completion for individual enrollment.  Please visit OSA at 1 Pace Plaza to make your request or submit online through MyPace Portal (STUDENTS TAB ->STUDENT RECORDS LINK -> SELECT "REQUEST OFFICIAL PRINTED TRANSCRIPT")

Change of Address Form

Students are encouraged to submit the Change of Address form within 5 business days of moving to a new house.  The English Language Institute will update both the Pace University record and the SEVIS Immigration Record with the new address.  Students that change their address in Pace Portal will not be able to update their SEVIS record.



Please visit the ELI Office should you require any other letters to be written that are not available for online requests.