Homestay Program

Sara's Homestay

The English Language Institute offers homestay experiences through Sara's Homestay for International students or visitors who come to the US and need lodging for a short period of time (1 to 12 months). You will be pleased with the friendly and outstanding service at Sara's New York Homestay.

All families are very carefully selected with respect to safety of neighborhoods, proximity to public transportation and welcoming ability of the host family. Through the homestay program, lifetime friendships are being created all the time resulting in a greater mutual understanding and awareness of each other’s culture.

**Homestays in Manhattan average $2,000.00 for 4 weeks. Student's can also choose stay at homestays outside of Manhattan (ex. Brooklyn or Queens) at the cost of $1,000.00 - $1,250.00 for 4 weeks **


For mature students, interns and visitors who prefer a more work-oriented environment, Sara's Homestay offers a shared housing program. The cost of both homestay and shared programs are the same.

You will be sharing a complete apartment with only one person that Sara's Homestay has carefully selected. You will still have your own private bedroom but share the living room, kitchen and bathroom.

**Shared apartments in Manhattan cost $1,500.00 for 4 weeks and outside of Manhattan (ex. Brooklyn and Queens) cost $950.00 for 4 weeks **

Manhattan Residence Hall

Sara's Homestay has a student residence hall located in the Upper Westside neighborhood of Manhttan (close to Central Park, Lincoln Center, Restaurants, and Shops).  Rooms are all air condiitioned and equipped with their own refirgerator, sink, desk, and chair.  Rooms are available in Single and Doubles.  Private bathrooms and showers are on every floor.  There is a lounge with high speed internet and TV as well as a kitchen with range top, microwaves, and taoster ovens.  The residence hall also features 24hr security and complimentary wifi in the rooms.

**Single rooms range from $400.00 - $432.00 per week and Double rooms range from $345.00 - $375.00 per person, per week**

Furnished Studios

Sara's New York Homestay, LLC has carefully selected for you a number of attractive studios in all areas of Manhattan as well as some of the best areas of Brooklyn and Queens (Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, Forest Hills, etc.). The fully furnished accommodations are ideal for business travel, training, relocation and other temporary needs. All are fully furnished and most include all utilities. Many have quite luxurious features (doorman, air conditioning, laundry facilities or work out room in the building, maid service, etc.) and are located in the trendiest neighborhoods. Others are a bit more modest and are priced a bit more attractively.

**Furnished apartments in Manhattan cost $2,850.00 for 4 weeks and Furnished apartments outsie of Manhattan (ex.Brooklyn and Queens) cost between $1,800.00 - $2,200.00 **

To make a reservation with Sara’s Homestay

  • Send us the English Language Institute Housing Application Form (found on the last page of the application) marked “Please have Sara’s Homestay find me an apartment near the ELI” , including your name and e-mail address
  • An email reservation request to with your expected program start date, and length of study For more information about Sara’s Homestay, please visit their website at