Certificate and Sponsored Programs

Certificate Program

Naturalist/Environmental Educator Certificate Program
The Dyson College of Arts and Sciences recently developed a new program for certification as a naturalist and environmental educator. Certificate programs enable one to engage in short-term, concentrated study to meet an educational objective. These programs are available to non-Pace students as well as current students. This program will meet the needs of naturalists, park rangers, explainers, environmental educators, docents, and others with similar job descriptions.

Sponsored Programs

Curriculum Lessons Using the Environment (C.L.U.E.)
Pace University’s School of Education and Environmental Center in conjunction with Rockefeller State Park Preserve, and Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture work collaboratively to offer courses for educators and the general public. As part of a diverse curriculum for teachers, primarily in grades K–8, course offerings focus on: science in the outdoors, hands-on experiments for the classroom and outdoor building areas, and sustainable agriculture.

Pace Summer Environmental Program
Pace University’s Summer Environmental Program for high school students offers a select group of students, currently in their sophomore or junior year, an opportunity to earn 3 college credits while learning about various aspects of the environment and how they can make a difference. These students take a college-level course that stresses hands-on experience and interaction with environmental professionals within Pace and the surrounding community.