Environmental Consortium of Colleges and Universities

Pace University is the founding institution and headquarters of the Environmental Consortium of Colleges & Universities. Michelle Land, Director of Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies is the Environmental Consortium's founding and current director.

The mission of the consortium is to harness higher education’s intellectual and physical resources to advance regional, ecosystem-based environmental research, teaching, and learning with a special emphasis on the greater Hudson-Mohawk River Watershed

Consortium members include: 61 colleges and universities, 17 non-profit organizations, and 2 affiliate institutions in the Hudson‐Mohawk River watershed.  Institutions range from major research universities to small private colleges and community colleges.   Over 400 individual faculty, administrators, and staff from the region’s institutions are members. The Environmental Consortium is governed by a multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary Steering Committee which provides strategic guidance for the Consortium's policies and programs.  The committee is comprised of the Consortium director, a chair, vice-chair and 18 members, including one non-profit seat and two student seats.

Faculty, staff, administrators and students are encouraged to join this unique regional network.