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Students who are first-year nursing students. Our Nursing community located in Alumni Hall offers you the unique opportunity to live with other First-Year and continuing Nursing students and to participate in activities focused on your curriculum.

Students who participate in Nursing initiatives will:

  • Increase confidence as nursing students through study sessions and peer support
  • Engage in community service activities that increase awareness of the communities nurses serve and potential career opportunities
  • Be able to communicate a strategy that supports the completion of their individualized Pace Path.

Alyssa Caffarelli
Residence Director

Anne Hatcher-Grove
Faculty Partner

Juliette Levine, Amanda Aguayo
Resident Assistants

FIG Lounge: Alumni 226

Nursing Testimonials


Jeremy Soto - Class of 2019

As an incoming freshman I was completely nervous and anxious as to what I will experience as a nursing major. However, being placed in the Nursing FIG provided me with the tools to further succeed in this rigorous major. The Nursing FIG provides one with a sense of a community and events that help prepare the residents for what is in store later on in their journey. Also, upperclassmen helped by sharing their experiences in this major and teaching us some techniques that would make us less stressed. Knowing that when this major becomes more and more difficult we will be there to help push one another along the path to becoming a nurse.

Emma Moloney - Class of 2019

Living with others who share the same desire to become a nurse was one of the best parts of living on campus. I was able to form study groups, make connections, and become a part of a community that supported each other. It also gave me the opportunity to meet upperclassmen through my RA events, and learn what the next couple years as a nursing major would look like! My favorite event that my RA held was dedicated to teaching the first year nursing majors not to be afraid to get involved. I wouldn't be as involved as I am right now if that event wasn't held!

Emerald Rodriguez - Class of 2019

Being a part of FIG-Nursing definitely helped me get through my freshman year. The RAs always made me made me excited for nursing again, especially when it was tough. I felt a sense of community which helped me know I was not alone.

Dhruvesha Deval - Class of 2018

Living with all other nursing majors is great! It really helps to have people of the same major around you, to support you. I absolutely loved the event "got vitals" as it really made me realize this is what I truly would like to do! I love the Nursing FIG and glad I was placed in it.


  • Nursing student alumni panels to share experiences about their time in college as well as post-graduate/work experiences
  • Study sessions to prepare for upcoming academic requirements
  • Workshops around skills based techniques in the medical field such as checking vital signs
  • Trip to Bodies exhibit in New York City with Nursing Faculty