Forms For Managers

Search Policy Forms



Faculty/Student Employee Separation Form
For staff separations hiring managers must use the PeopleAdmin system provided on the portal under the staff tab.

Complete when a faculty and/or student separates from their job:  fill out PDF document online, print out, then send completed form to HR.

New Hire Faculty Verification Form
Complete to confirm hiring of a Full-Time or Adjunct Faculty Member.

Flexible Work Arrangement Agreement
Complete when employee is requesting a Flexible Work Schedule

Temporary Services Request Form

Complete when temporary services are needed.


 EEO Questionnaire (Pdf)

Should be sent to anyone who submits a resume or application for consideration of employment.

 Applicant Flow Log (Pdf)

Records race, ethnicity, and gender information on all applicants. Should be completed by anyone who is receiving resumes or applications for consideration of employment .Instruction

 Sample Recruitment Plan (Pdf)

The plan will indicate what advertising and outreach efforts were made in recruiting for an open position. Should be completed by anyone who is responsible for advertising a searchable position.

 Affirmative Action Review (Pdf)

Checklist to assure that all off the appropriate AA steps were followed. Should be completed at the end of a search by the Affirmative Action Representative of the search committee.

 Affirmative action Appointment Activity Record (Pdf)

Provides information on the individual chosen as the final candidate and offered a position.  Should be completed by the Affirmative Action Representative of the search committee.




Salary Increase/Payment Authorization Form (Pdf)

new1Automated Payment Actions System

CLICK HERE to view Payment Actions Guide


PLEASE NOTE:  Effective March 7, 2011 the Schools/College will be required to use the new automated payment action systems for most salary actions.  (More actions will be added in Phase II.)  For access to the system, please go to: or, go to the Payment Actions option under the Staff Tab in the Pace Portal.

 Position Description Guidelines (Pdf)
For Position Descriptions, hiring managers must use the People Admin system provided on the portal under the staff tab.

Provide instructions for completing a position description.