The Pace University Library would like to take this opportunity to remind all current faculty members that one of the privileges available to you through the Library’s participation as a member of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL),  is the “Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program,” which provides for on-site access to some of the most important research libraries in North America.  Conducted under the aegis of the Research Libraries Advisory Committee to OCLC, the intent of this program is to promote and facilitate scholarly research and communication among faculty members of research universities that are ARL members. This has been accomplished by the development of an agreement which extends library privileges to encompass not only on-site access but, at the discretion of the lending library, borrowing privileges as well to the faculty of participating institutions.

While the overall intent of the “Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program” is to provide broader access to scholarly materials, please note that privileges vary from institution to institution.  Depending on the policies of the lending library, materials may be used on the premises of the owning library or may be borrowed.  The home library, which in the case of Pace University, is the Birnbaum Library at PNY, or the Mortola Library at the Pleasantville campus, determines who is eligible for a Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program card.  The lending institution then determines whether the card will be accepted for on-site use and /or borrowing.

Faculty members who wish to visit a participating library should take the following steps:

  • Contact the Interlibrary Loan Department at your Pace homelibrary and ask a member of  the staff to check the relevant policies and practices of the prospective lending library. The Interlibrary Loan Department number to call at the Birnbaum Library is x11667, while the number to call at the Mortola Library is x33853. Please do not contact the library facility you intend to visit directly.
  • Prior to your visit,  you must request a Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program card from your campus library Interlibrary Loan Department, where the designated coordinator will  ask you to present appropriate Pace identification.
  •  When you actually visit the library of any participating institution,   you should be prepared to present your Reciprocal Faculty  Borrowing Program card at the main campus library, as well  as any other identification the lending library requires.
  • Please remember that not all the institutions you may wish to visit may be participants in this program and that several additional options for access may also be available to you by contacting your Pace library.  In addition this program complements, but in no way replaces,  the Pace University Library’s very active traditional interlibrary loan service for the borrowing of monographic research materials, currently being coordinated by Sheila Hu in Pleasantville and by Elisabeth Birnbaum in New York.

As libraries worldwide continue to assess the optimum balance between ownership versus access alternatives, programs such as this serve to  expand, exponentially, the scope of research materials available to you as a member of the faculty of Pace University.  We encourage you to avail yourself of this opportunity, as your present and future research needs may dictate, and to share with us the results of your experiences at other research libraries.  Please take a moment to read the following attachment, which clearly outlines your responsibilities, should you decide to participate in this program.  You are also welcome to contact Sheila Hu at ext. 33853 in Pleasantville, or Ann Wilberton at ext. 11734 in New York, with any additional questions.


It is the Responsibility of Faculty Members to:

  • Ask the home library to check the OCLC on-line Name-Address Directory record for in formation pertinent to the institution you  plan to visit.
  • Present identification when requesting a Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program card from the home library and show that card, along with other  required identification, when borrowing materials from another library.
  • Observe the regulations of the lending library.
  • Return materials, in person or by mail, within the loan period prescribed by the lending library.
  • Return materials immediately, in person or by express mail, if recalled by the lending library.
  •  Pay any and all fines or other charges incurred due to late return of materials or damage to materials.

Please note that this is a program of privileges.  At its discretion, a participating institution may suspend the privileges of its own faculty members or of the faculty members of another participating institution.