Citing Electronic Sources

WALDO Information Services Committee introduces. . . 

The WALDO CiteSite:
a guide to the citation of electronic resources

I'm ready to Cite!

Objectives of the WALDO CiteSite:

  • To serve as an aid for students who need guidance citing electronic documents in their papers.
  • To create one resource for WALDO members to teach and consider citation issues regarding varied electronic formats.

Important Notes about Using the WALDO CiteSite:

  1. These citation formats will give you examples for your bibliographies or works cited lists only.
  2. The same examples are used across citation styles to show you how the styles may differ.
  3. Please note the edition information when using this site.  Editions published after 1998 are more inclusive of varied electronic formats.  For older editions, the Committee attempted to stay true  to each citation style, but was forced to create formats for specific examples.  These examples are marked with approximately symbol to indicate that we approximated the citation. 
  4. Notes may be provided using "FYI" where necessary to explain deviations from official formatting rules.

Instructions for Using the CiteSite:

  1. Choose a citation style (APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian).
  2. Choose the format of the electronic document.
  3. Use examples to guide you in creating your own citation.

Choose your citation style:

MLA:  Modern Language Association (latest edition: 7th, 2009)

APA:  American Psychological Association (latest edition: 6th, 2010)

Chicago:    Chicago Style (latest edition: 15th, 2003)

Turabian:    Created by Kate Turabian, based on the Chicago style  (latest edition: 6th, 1996)


Waldo CiteSite Committee members: