Databases are accessible remotely  by using your Pace University E-Mail account.  Select a database that interest you to activate the Remote Access login page.  Then select Student and enter your Pace University E-Mail username (without and password.  If you have forgotten your Pace University E-Mail username, you can look it up by accessing Student E-Mail Address Lookup.  

NOTE: You still require your library barcode to access other library services!

Before accessing the databases, see Remote Access for additional information.  

From the library's main page, select Articles via Databases to search the databases through three options.   Pace University Library has over 100 databases.   Selecting a subject, for example Business, from the Subject Research Area box on the Database Search page will make selection easier. An alphabetical list of databases, with annotations indicating the type of information that is accessible from each database, is provided.

APOLLO: A Pace Online Library Literacy Orientation is a guide to help you select databases by considering subject coverage, currency, accessibility, and the type of periodicals contained in a database.  It also includes a section on the differences between scholarly journals, newspapers, and popular magazines.  Keep in mind that the page, "APOLLO", is general and not business focus. (This link will take you off this page.  Use your browser's back button to return).

Remember, accessing the databases remotely requires that you use your Pace University E-Mail account.

The list of databases provided in the table below, organized by type of information, is extracted from the Complete Database Listing.  Some databases may over-lap:


Company ABI-Inform | Business & Company Resource  Center | Business and IndustryBusiness Source PremierEdgar | General Businessfile  | Lexis-Nexis UniverseMergent Online (FIS) | NetAdvantage | OMNIFile Fulltext Select | Research Library | Zack's Company Research
Industry ABI-InformBusiness & Company Resource Center | Business and IndustryBusiness Source PremierGeneral Businessfile | Lexis-Nexis Universe | NetAdvantage | OMNIFile Fulltext SelectResearch Library |
Statistics ABI-InformBusiness & Company Resource Center | Business and IndustryBusiness Source Premier | General Businessfile | Mergent Online (FIS) | NetAdvantage | Research Library  
Finance ABI-InformBusiness & Company Resource Center Business and IndustryGeneral Businessfile | Lexis-Nexis UniverseMergent Online (FIS) NetAdvantageResearch Library | World Bank Group | Zack's Company Research 
Tax ABI/Inform | RIA Tax Information
Market Global Market Information Database


You have searched a database and found the citation to an article you need, which may or may not include an abstract.  How do you determine if Pace University Library has the journal, and the databases that may provide full-text articles from that journal?  Perform a Journal Title search in the Library Catalogs.  You may be linked to other databases that index the journal.   Print & E-Journals allow you to browse journal titles by broad subject categories that Pace Library subscribes to either through print, electronically, or both.  Those that are available through the databases will have the extension Ftxt after their name, for example, Fortune Ftxt.