Mortola Library Displays 2001-2003

Mortola Library Displays

Past Displays 2001-2003

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November 2003 JFK
November 2003
Gene Marshall Dolls
October 2003
September 2003 Emerson June 2003
May 2003 - Anthropology April 2003 - Nursing Archives January 2003 - Teddy Bears, Muckrakers November 2002 - Children's Literature
October 2002 - Dr. Mortola September 2002 - Think Before You Print, Steinbeck August 2002 - Volcanoes June 2002 - Cooking Up a Storm
May 2002 - Nursing Archives April 2002 - Jelly Beans, Falconry, St. Nicholas Magazine February 2002 - Peace of Paper December 2001 - Passages of Time

November 2003

A Tribute to John F. Kennedy


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November 2003/December 2003

Gene Marshall Dolls (They changed clothing for the December Holidays)


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September 2003

A tribute to Ralph Waldo Emerson

Click here to see the online display.

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June 2003

Memories of the HMS Titanic


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May 2003

Prof. Gurahian's Anthropology 101 Student Works.


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April 2003

Nursing & National Poetry Month

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January-March 2003


We have an online exhibit that goes with this.  See it at: to find more information about muckrakers.

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Teddy Bears

We are celebrating 100 years of the Teddy Bear (1902-2002).  This is a collection of teddy bears from library staff members.

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November/December 2002

Children's Literature by the class of Dr. Gannon
These are stories that the students created with alternate views on classic literature - an example would be the story of the Three Little Pigs - told from the point of view of the wolf.


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October 2002

A Tribute to Edward J. Mortola

Chancellor Emeritus and Former President of Pace University

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September 2002

A Tribute to John Steinbeck

See the online exhibit

Think Before you print

(The pile represents print jobs that were never claimed at the Willcox Hall Computer Lab during the Fall 2002 Semester.  The facts were updated as more paper was added)

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August/September 2002

Display of Volcanoes for July

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June 2002
Cooking up a Storm - June is Kitchen Gadget Month
Display of Kitchen gadgets for June is Kitchen gadget month

Take a book to the beach.
Flat display case of books/sand/shells for a tribute to the beach

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May 2002
Nursing Archives
Picture of the flat display case with nursing archivesPicture of the tall cabinet nursing archives display

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April 2002 - A Busy Month

St. Nicholas Magazine Display
By the class of Dr. Susan Gannon

Tall display case with St. Nicholas Magazine Information in it.Flat Display of St. Nicholas Magazine


Falconry Display
From our own Master Falconer James Eyring
Display of Falconry Equipment

Another image of the Falconry equipment

JellyBean Display
Sponsored by the Presidents Office
Picture of the Guess the JellyBean display in the Mortola Library

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February 2002

Origami Display
(There weren't any in January because of our new carpet)

Picture of the Origami Display

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December 2001
Passages of Time
Mortola Library Staff High school pictures and baby pictures 

Picture of Library Staff high school senior photos

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