Welcome to the NYC Campus Library

Welcome to The Henry Birnbaum Library of Pace University.

Rey Racelis\n\rAssociate University Librarian Pace University\n\rThe Henry Birnbaum Library

Our New York campus Library  works closely with The Mortola Library and its satellite Center in White Plains,  to provide the University community with an environment where instructional support, research, scholarship, as well as individual and collaborative pursuit of excellence, and even the production of creative works supported by informational resources and technology,  can thrive and flourish in a most efficacious way.

New York City, being what it is, renders patrons of our Library the opportunity  to enjoy not only the University’s academic and scholarly amenities but also the cultural resources that abound right at its doorsteps.

The Birnbaum Library has worked with other University services to insure that we provide our students, faculty, and staff with complementary support to further enrich their learning and research experience in the course of their stay in the university.

We also welcome you in our new library student lobby with the opening hours being the same as Café 101.  You are free to bring food to this room and use  those easy chairs to rest, relax and read or write.

The Electronic Classroom (E101) may also be used for personal researchwhen not scheduled for classes.

If you like to learn more about the services available in the library feel free to drop by the Reference Desk and request for information.


Rey Racelis
Associate University Librarian
Pace University, The Henry Birnbaum Library