About Lienhard

The Lienhard School of Nursing in the College of Health Professions at Pace University in New York has many distinguished programs, faculty, and services that will give you a great start to beginning and advanced nursing practice.

Advanced concepts in nursing put into practice. This is the Pace nursing experience.

The Lienhard School of Nursing is unique for two very important reasons. The first is our commitment to leadership. We are dedicated to innovation and excellence, and that means you get the finest education possible. You learn through the experience and expertise of the very best, and by exposure to cutting edge theory, technique and technology. The second reason for choosing Lienhard is Pace’s university-wide commitment to opportunity. That means you are afforded every chance to learn, to practice, to experience and, ultimately, to succeed. We all choose nursing for different reasons. To many, it's about helping others. Some dream of leadership. Others focus on personal growth. The Lienhard School of Nursing is here to help you define and achieve your goals, whatever they may be.