The Lienhard School of Nursing offers the following undergraduate degree:

Attending the RN-4 program at Pace's Lienhard School of Nursing will mean you start your nursing classes in your freshman year and your clinicals in your sophomore year – earlier than many other programs, giving you an edge.  Students participate in simulation throughout their sophomore, junior and senior years, which gives them a competitive advantage when they search for their first nursing job.

Lienhard students have NCLEX pass rates that consistently surpass state and national averages.  

Our faculty is comprised of excellent teachers/clinicians who partner with New York’s premier hospitals and health care organizations to share their expertise while creating unparalleled clinical experiences for Lienhard students.  Our graduates are prepared to be leaders in both academic and health care settings.  Pace will help you work toward the greatness within you.

The sense of community at Pace will help ease the transition to college, which can be exciting but also a little scary – there are many opportunities at Pace to make new friends and get involved.