Concert, Catherine

Clinical Assistant Professor
Lienhard School of Nursing
Pace University
163 William Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10038
Phone: 212 618 6001

Education: Catherine Concert obtained four degrees from Pace University: her DNP, master's degree with FNP certification, Bachelors Degree in Nursing, and Associate Degree in Applied Science.

Areas of Expertise: Advanced Practice Nursing, Family Health, Nursing Leadership, Oncology and Gastroenterology and Medical-Surgical Nursing. Teaching and mentoring at Long Island University includes: health assessment, transitional nursing, family nurse practitioner assessment, treatment and management to masters' students and nursing leadership and performance improvement to undergraduate and masters’ level nursing students.  At Pace University, Catherine Concert teaches and mentors masters and doctoral nursing students in evidence-based practice and leadership for culturally competent evidence-based projects.

Current Areas of Research: The effectiveness of nurse coordinated transitioning of care on readmission rates for patients with heart failure. Motivational interviewing for patients with diabetes mellitus.

Professional Experience: Catherine Concert is currently a Nurse Manger/Nurse Practitioner in Radiation Oncology at Beth Israel Medical Center, NY. Professor Concert began her academic career in 2003 as an Adjunct Faculty/Assistant Professor at Long Island University and is currently a part time faculty member at Pace University. Dr. Concert has previously worked as a Director of Nursing Education, Medical-Surgical Nursing and Performance Improvement and was an administrative supervisor at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center. She began her nursing career as a staff nurse, advancing to a nurse manager for medical-surgical, oncology, endoscopy and perioperative nursing at New York Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn, NY.

Recent Publications:

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Slyer, J. T., Concert, C. M., Eusebio, A. M., & Rogers, M. E. (2011). A systematic review of the effectiveness of nurse coordinated transitioning of care on readmission rates for patients with heart failure. JBI Library of Systematic Reviews, 9 (15), 464-490.

Marion, J. F. & Concert, C. M. (1999). Inflammatory Bowel Disease. In Singleton, Joanne, et al., Primary Care (pp. 319-325). Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins. Contributing author to the chapter on Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

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