Ekstrom, David N.

Associate Professor and
Director of International Affairs

Lienhard School of Nursing,
Pace University
163 William Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10038
Phone:  (212) 618-6013
Email: dekstrom@pace.edu











Education:  Dr. Ekstrom holds the following degrees: PhD and MA (both Nursing) from New York University; BS (Nursing) from Columbia University; BA (Biology) from Oberlin College

Areas of Expertise: 
International activities for nursing students, grants, internet as nursing intervention, pediatrics, gender, transcultural nursing
Dr. Ekstrom currently teaches: Introduction to Professional Nursing (RN/BS and CDP), Culture and Diversity in Nursing and Health Care (Undergraduate), Analysis of Concepts of Primary Health Care (Graduate), Cross-Cultural Study/International Field Study (Iceland) (Graduate and Undergraduate)

Current Areas of Research:  Use of distance education in RN/BS programs, impact of international experiences for nursing students, internet support for fathers of special needs children.

Professional Experience:  Dr. Ekstrom teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in the Baccalaureate Completion Program for Registered Nurses, the Combined Degree Program for college graduates entering nursing, the traditional Baccalaureate program and the master’s program. He was also Adjunct Instructor at New York University teaching traditional and accelerated BSN students.  At Presbyterian Hospital, New York, Professor Ekstrom held the titles of Staff Nurse, Assistant Head Nurse, and Nursing Care Clinician.

List of Recent Publications:
Kaufman, S.R., Ekstrom, D.N., & Shortridge-Baggett, L.M. (2006). Assessing international opportunities in higher education: A matrix-based assessment tool. Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad, 13, 23-41.
Ekstrom, D. & Sigurdsson, H.O. (2002). International collaboration in nursing
education viewed through the lens of critical social theory. Journal of Nursing Education, 41, 289-294
Ekstrom, D., Gilleaudeau, P., Pootore, E., & Shepard, J. (2000, May). Development of an
instrument to measure needs and Internet usage among fathers of children
with special needs. Abstract published in proceedings, 10th Biennial Conference of the Workgroup of European Nurse Researchers.


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