Mission Statement

The mission of the Lubin School of Business is to provide its students with exceptional experience-based learning that blends business theory with practical applications to prepare its graduates for successful professional careers in the global business environment. As part of this mission, our faculty conducts and disseminates scholarship that contributes to professional practice, academic theory, and student learning.

The Lubin School is student-centered with strong faculty engagement and outreach to alumni and prospective employers as well as those constituencies who can help empower student success. Lubin prepares its graduates to be ready, able, and confident in their chosen disciplines, multidisciplinary in their approach to problem solving, global in their business perspective, grounded in action, trained in outcomes, effective in their professions, ethically aware, and socially responsible.

Our mission is to achieve a competitive advantage through the diversity of ideas, backgrounds, and cultures represented by students and faculty from over 100 different countries and by focusing our teaching and scholarship on the challenges of managing and leading businesses in a constantly changing global marketplace. Lubin's student-centered educational experience features the integration of theory with practice, teaching excellence, small classes, a personalized learning environment, innovative programming, the use of technology to enhance learning in concert with strong linkages to the New York and global business communities.