Contact the Accounting Department

To contact the Accounting Department, please contact the Program Coordinators on each campus:

Melissa Parsowith, New York City Program Coordinator
Telephone: 212-618-6420

Suzanne DeRosa, Pleasantville Program Coordinator
Telephone: 914-773-3667

To request brochures or application materials to be mailed to you, please fill out our online form.

Other contacts:

Rudolph Jacob, Accounting Department Chair
Telephone: 212-618-6420

New York City
Admissions: undergraduate (212)346-1323 graduate (212)346-1531
Financial Aid: (212)346-1300
Student Accounts/Registrar/Bursar: (212)346-1315

Admissions: undergraduate (914)773-3321
Financial Aid: (914)773-3751
Student Accounts/Registrar/Bursar: (914)773-3431

White Plains
Admissions: graduate (914)422-4283
Financial Aid: (914)422-4300
Student Accounts/Registrar/Bursar:(914)422-4044