International Degree Programs

Lubin has designed academic programs to be consistent with the realities of the global marketplace and to equip students with the tools to successfully enter, manage, and lead global organizations at home and abroad. International courses are part of business core requirements for all concentrations, and international topics are integrated throughout all of Lubin's curricula. All Lubin programs emphasize practice-oriented professional education and develop business skills for management in the 21st century.

BBA in International Management
Endorsed and funded by a Department of Education grant, Lubin's unique International Management undergraduate major takes an interdisciplinary approach in which students take management, language, and liberal arts courses related to a selected geographical area of the world—Asia, Europe, or Latin America. Students not only gain a basic understanding of the concentration, but an in-depth knowledge of a part of the world, its language, culture, how business is conducted there, and a skill which they can market.

BBA in Global Marketing Management
A marketing major with a concentration in Global Marketing Management prepares students for careers in a variety of jobs in Marketing Analysis and Research, Product or Brand Management, Product Planning, Customer Analysis, Logistics, Wholesaling and Retailing, Customer Relations, Personal Selling, Promotion Management, and Services Marketing. Courses and programs emphasize the practice of marketing and application of marketing principles in the context of the highly technological, global economy.

MBA in International Business
Lubin's MBA in International Business combines a basic grounding in one of the business functions with an understanding of the essential factors that make international business different: the complexities of international economies, including foreign exchange markets, balance of payments, the international financial system, and cultural and language differences. Students may specialize in International Business or select it as part of a dual major. The curriculum equips students to function successfully in both domestic and international jobs.

MBA in International Finance
Lubin's MBA in International Finance covers global business strategy, international corporate finance, international risk analysis, and international financial markets and banking. Our faculty have deep knowledge of the international environment through in-depth research, as well as professional experience and connections with global firms.

Other International Programs
The Lubin School also offers a Doctor of Professional Studies (DPS) in International Business and Advanced Professional Certificates in International Business, International Economics, and International Finance. Lubin's Executive MBA also examines business from the global perspective and includes an overseas field study trip.

Faculty and Student Body
Lubin's faculty and student body represent a globally diverse population and constitute an enormous, valuable international educational resource. Time and again, Lubin students and alumni comment on how the faculty's accessibility, practical business experience, and good teaching make the years at Lubin rich and rewarding. Lubin's distinguished full-time faculty are respected scholars, practitioners, and consultants to international corporations. They edit such publications as The American Economist and International Journal of Quality Science; publish articles in the International Journal of Finance and the Multi-National Business Review; and consult for such organizations IBM, Citibank, Rolls Royce, Ltd., Dentsu, the U.S. Department of Commerce, and the U.S. Department of Transportation. A committed group of adjunct professors working full-time in their fields, as well as numerous visiting professors from around the globe, also contribute to the dynamic Lubin education. From the highest quality degree programs to specialized training and educational opportunities, Lubin has it all.

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