StockVal offers analysis and portfolio management tools to help in the equity selection and portfolio evaluation process. It combines advanced equity valuation concepts, a proprietary database of clean and consistently stated financial information and a multitude of analytical features designed to facilitate the equity selection process. StockVal System has been designed to give the Analyst and Portfolio Manager instantaneous access to the data that drives equity pricing along with the tools and flexibility required for institutional investment professionals.

Click for a video of how StockVal works, and how it can be used for security analysis. (You will need RealOne and high bandwidth to view the presentations. If it prompts you for a plug-in, just say yes and it will download it from Real.)

If you want quick answers to how to do specific things on StockVal, you may find this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page useful.

For more information on StockVal software, please visit their Web site at

If you have any further questions please contact the Graduate Assistant on duty at the GPACT lab, W-404.