Dedicated Teachers

Dedicated Teachers

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Faculty Conducting Doctoral Seminars
Delivering Exceptional Educational Experiences 

The faculty who conduct doctoral seminars are exceptionally effective curriculum designers and gifted teachers who can help you comprehend complex theory and sophisticated research. Many of them have won teaching awards.

Doctoral Foundation Seminars

[Alan Eisner]
Alan Eisner

[Pradeep Gopalakrishna]
Pradeep Gopalakrishna

[Alvin Hwang]
Alvin Hwang

[Berry Wilson]
Berry Wilson

Alan Eisner teaches the Doctoral Foundation Seminar in Management (DPS 805). An author of numerous scholarly journal articles and business cases, Dr. Alan B. Eisner is also a frequent presenter at the Academy of Management. His primary research interests are organizational learning and business and technology strategies. In addition, he has extensive experience with e-commerce businesses and technologies. Before embarking on his doctorate Dr. Eisner was an advanced technology engineer for United Technologies and a systems analyst for Mobil Corporation.

Pradeep Gopalakrishna teaches the Doctoral Foundation Seminar in Marketing (DPS 840). An author or co-author of over thirty journal articles, professional proceedings papers, and cases, Dr. Pradeep Gopalakrishna has also served as the Managing Editor/Advisory Editor for Psychology and Marketing and has presented his research to numerous professional societies. Recently, he received a grant from the Canadian Studies Faculty Research Grant Program 2000-2001 (Canadian Embassy) to study Walmart's Canadian operations. His current research interests include market orientation and its application to developing nations and services/health care marketing.

Alvin Hwang teaches the Doctoral Foundation Seminar in Cross Cultural Management (DPS 830). In other Pace programs, Dr. Alvin Hwang teaches courses in human resource strategy and international management. His research interests include cross-cultural studies, teamwork, leadership, feedback, adventure learning, stress, and employee commitment. He has published in many leading international journals. He received both the 2000 Best Paper and Best Reviewer awards from the Management Education Division of the Academy of Management. He has received best reviewer awards in 2003, 2004, and 2005.

Berry Wilson teaches the Doctoral Foundation Seminar in Economics and Finance (DPS 820). An expert in banking and financial markets, Dr. Berry K. Wilson also teaches courses on the market micro-structure and the Nasdaq dealer market (sponsored by Nasdaq). His recent publications focus on the risks in bank loan portfolios and on the causes and effects of Mexico's 1994 Peso crisis. In addition to teaching at several major universities, Dr. Wilson has been a credit analyst for Citibank, a financial economist at the Federal Communications Commission, and a consultant on bank regulatory policies to the World Bank.

Doctoral Research Methodology Seminars

[Dan Baugher]
Dan Baugher

[Vasanthakumar Bhat]
Vasanthakumar Bhat

[John Dory]
John Dory

[Berry Wilson]
Berry Wilson

Dan Baugher teaches Research Design and Measurement (DPS 872). An authority on the use of technology to support the instructional process in higher education and in the development of work standards and performance appraisal systems, Dr. Daniel M. Baugher is Association Dean and Director of Graduate Programs. He has acted as a management consultant and trainer for a wide range of organizations. Dr. Baugher has co-authored several texts and a variety of educational support materials on several topics, including strategic management, organizational behavior, leadership, and operations management.

Vasanthakumar Bhat teaches Data Analysis with Selected Multivariate Methods (DPS 876). An authority on public policy issues in environmental management, health care, and financial services, Dr. Vasanthakumar N. Bhat is the author of three books on environmental management and medical malpractice. He has published extensively in many journals on a wide variety of subjects. Dr. Bhat has several years of experience working in corporate planning and information systems development in pharmaceutical companies, and has also served as an internal consultant for an engineering firm.

John Dory moderates the Explorations in Business Research Seminar (DPS 870) in which students compare and evaluate many different kinds of research and discuss them with the experts who conduct it. A teacher who recently received the "Lubin School Teaching Innovation Award" and the "Pace University Award for Distinguished Faculty Service", Dr. John P. Dory is Director of the Doctoral Program. He has taught in the Executive MBA program and numerous professional executive education seminars. His research and consulting interests are in strategic management, competitive strategy, corporate diversification, mergers and acquisitions, and strategy implementation.

Berry Wilson teaches Data Analysis with Regression (DPS 875). An expert in international banking and financial markets, Dr. Berry K. Wilson also teaches courses on country risk assessment and analytical methods in finance. His recent publications focus on the risks in bank loan portfolios and on the causes and effects of Mexico's 1994 Peso crisis. In addition to teaching at several major universities, Dr. Wilson has been a credit analyst for Citibank, a financial economist at the Federal Communications Commission, and a consultant on bank regulatory policies to the World Bank.

Doctoral Concentration Seminars

[Melissa Cardon]
Melissa Cardon

[Iuliana Ismailescu]
Iuliana Ismailescu

[Vishal Lala]
Vishal Lala

[Jouahn Nam]
Jouahn Nam

[Noushi Rahman]
Noushi Rahman

[Ipshita Ray]
Ipshita Ray

Melissa Cardon teaches the Doctoral Concentration Seminar in Organization Behavior (MGT 835).  She conducts research on maximizing human potential within entrepreneurial firms, including a dual interest in HR practices that maximize employee potential, and the emotional, relational, and cognitive aspects of entrepreneurs that contribute to optimizing their behavior and performance. Her work has been published in journals such as Academy of Management Review, Journal of Business Venturing,Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Management, Human Resource Management Review, and Human Resource Management. She is currently a Field Editor for the Journal of Business Venturing, and on the Editorial Board of Journal of Management Studies, and Human Resource Management Review.

Iuliana Ismailescu teaches the Doctoral Concentration Seminar in Capital Markets (FIN 822).  Her research interests include emerging debt and equity markets, international finance, portfolio management, and credit derivatives. Her research was published in the Journal of Banking and Finance, International Review of Finance, Journal of Investment Management, Banking and Finance Review, and The American Economist, among others. She co-authored a mathematics book in Romanian and contributed several book chapters to Interest Rate Risk Modeling and Dynamic Term Structure Modeling. Iuliana Ismailescu received the FMA 2007 Best Dissertation Proposal Award in International Finance for her Ph.D. thesis Three Essays on Emerging Capital Markets. She is listed in Who's Who in America.

Vishal Lala teaches the Doctoral Concentration Seminar in Consumer Research (MAR 831). His research interests include consumer decision making, electronic media, promotion, and retailing. His publications have appeared in marketing and e-commerce journals such as Journal of Advertising Research, Journal of Interactive Marketing, International Journal of Accounting Information Systems, Journal of International Consumer Marketing, International Journal of Retailing and Distribution Management, and Managing Service Quality.

Jouahn Nam teaches the Doctoral Concentration Seminar in Corporate Finance (FIN 821).  He is an expert is in the areas of corporate finance and financial risk management. His research and professional interests center on the managerial compensation, agency theory, corporate risk management, financial derivatives, and real estate valuation. Nam has published over 20 articles in the Journal of Finance, Financial Management, the Journal of Risk and Insurance, Journal of Futures Markets, and Journal of Corporate Finance. Nam has served as the undergraduate finance program chair and is currently leading real estate Investment Company.

Noushi Rahman teaches the Doctoral Concentration Seminar in Strategic Management (MGT 836). His primary research area is strategic alliances. He has published in Journal of Business and Psychology, Management Decision, Asia Pacific Business Review, Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, Small Enterprise Research, Journal of American Academy of Business, Current Topics in Management, Journal of General Management, etc. He has also routinely presented in the Annual Meetings of the Academy of Management. Dr. Rahman is a current member of the editorial board of the Group and Organization Management journal. In recent years, he has been cited by The Wall Street Journal and Newsweek.

Ipshita Ray teaches the Doctoral Concentration Seminar in Marketing Management (MAR 832).  Her expertise and research interest include customer relationship management, retail service quality, customer loyalty, and advertising effectiveness.  Her work was published in Journal of Business Research, Journal of Brand Management, Journal of Strategic Marketing, Marketing Management, and Journal of the Academic and Business Ethics. Dr. Ray also received awards for her outstanding teaching, including "2008 Visiting Professor Program National Award Recipient" by the Advertising Education Foundation; "Outstanding Professor of the Year 2002" by Alpha Sigma Lambda, the National Honors Society for Adult Learnings in Continuing Higher Education; and "Excellence in Teaching Award, 1998" by the International Communication Association.

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