Dual MBA

A Dual Concentration MBA is available for those students who wish to do advanced work in two career concentrations. In this program, the student may choose, in consultation with faculty advisors in each subject area, to combine work in two of the available MBA career concentration areas. Beyond the Core and any preliminary courses an area may require, students choosing dual concentrations must take five courses (15 credits) in each career concentration area (excepting accounting and taxation). This includes the required courses for each major plus approved electives.

A Dual Concentration MBA requires nine credits more than a conventional MBA. Because the accounting and taxation programs are designed differently from the other MBA programs, students selecting one or both of these concentrations will need an individualized Dual Concentration program that may require additional course work.

If a student majors in two fields that require the Research Project as a career concentration course, the student is required to complete only one Research Project that integrates both fields. The student decides, with faculty guidance, on the field in which to register for the project and is required to complete a three-credit elective in the other major.

The following courses are necessary for a dual concentration in two MBA fields other than accounting and taxation:

Career Concentration Courses
Career Concentration #1 (15 credits)
Career Concentration #2 (15 credits)
INB Breadth Elective (3 credits)

TOTAL: 61 credits