Recent Alumni Service Award

The Recent Alumni Service Award was established to recognize the professional accomplishments and contribution to Pace University and the Lubin School of Business of our most recent alumni (1-10 years since degree conferral).
  [Thommy Guerrero]
2009 Recent Alumni Service Award recipient Thommy Guerrero, BBA '06 (right), with Alumni Achievement Award honoree Michael Clinton, MBA '83
  [Sara Shikhman]
2007 Recent Alumni Service Award recipient Sara Shikhman, BBA '03, with Dean Joe Baczko
Award recipients are individuals who are viewed as our next generation of potential leaders providing continued advice and support to the University and Lubin School.

Award nominees are put forth for consideration as those who have demonstrated exemplary accomplishments in their brief career and who display significant promise for continued success. They also reflect a sense of pride in their affiliation with Pace University and the Lubin School of Business.

Members of the Lubin Alumni Association, the Recent Alumni Committee, and Lubin faculty and administration are solicited for nominations. Successful candidates are recognized at the Annual Lubin Alumni Achievement Luncheon.

 2014 Recent Alumni Service Award Recipient
Christina M. Ostran BBA, MBA '08 Manager, EY
[Past Recipients]
2013: Dina Fontanetta, '05
2012: Christina Vricella, '05
2011: Anthony J. Vinci, '06
2009: Thommy Guerrero, '06
2008: Sara Shikhman, '03
2007: Art Buckman, '00
2006: Suvro Banerjee, '01
2005: Shal Chowdhury, '03
2004: Elizabeth Diep, '00
2003: Kelvin Joseph, '01
2002: Joan M. Flanagan, '99
Richard T. Nix, '99
2001: Danielle Cheung, '94, '98
Julie D. Martin, '91
  2000: Raquel Del Monte, '92
Keyla Hernandez-Ulloa, '92, '95
1999: Renee Willis, '93
Maria Mignone-Aulisa, '95
1998: Christine A. Cirillo, '89
Lynda J. Hullstrung, '89;
Peter Hirsh, '90
1997: Frank Baldi, '92
Angela C. Kong, '90,'95;
Susan B. Lubalin, '89
Gloria Ortiz-Rote, '93
Michael E. Santucci, '94