Spring 1999

Chuck Ramsey Co-Founder
Ramsey/Beirne Associates, Inc.

c ramsey  

Charles (Chuck) Ramsey began his career in the entertainment industry, moving to New York City in 1964 after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Wittenberg University in Ohio. His first position was that of road manager for folk artists. Over the next 16 years, as an artists' manager, he helped to develop the careers of artists such as Elton John, The Beach Boys, Billy Joel, The Doobie Brothers, Chicago and others.

Seeking a more mature business career, Chuck joined a small search firm in Westchester County where he developed the "high tech" practice and was constantly the top revenue producer. In December of 1986, he invited David Beirne to join him and further develop the then-emerging market of PC Software.

On Black Monday, October 17, 1987, Chuck and David opened their Executive Search firm, Ramsey/Beirne Associates, Inc. to specialize in conducting CEO level searches in the information technology industry. Their first client, US Robotics, since purchased by 3Com, continues to dominate the modem market. Over ten years they built the business to almost $17 million in revenues.

The Ramsey/Beirne client list includes the best known companies in the industry, and the firm has recruited the CEOs at eBay, E*Trade, Excite, Netscape, Nextel, and Novell. They have done senior level searches for Dell, Java, Microsoft, and The Weather Channel. Chuck has personally been responsible for the recruitment of the Presidents/CEOs for Checkpoint Software, Geotel Communications, nFX Corporation (recently sold to 3M), Teleos Communications, and Tellium, Inc., among many others.

Having left Ramsey/Beirne in January of 1998, Chuck is pursuing a consulting career and working on not-for-profit projects both in Westchester and overseas.

Building a Business from Ground Zero

Lubin students with aspirations to own their own business have the opportunity to get some pointers from Charles E. (Chuck) Ramsey, co-founder of Ramsey/Beirne Associates, Inc. Ramsey is the second Entrepreneur in Residence on campus, joining Entrepreneur in Residence and adjunct professor Randy Myer at Lubin during the spring semester.

On March 24, following a reception to welcome Ramsey to the Pleasantville campus, undergraduate students and faculty attended a lecture and Q&A session. Ramsey answered such pertinent questions related to starting up a business as: How does a startup firm compete in an industry where the current competitors are entrenched with a strong market presence? Does location matter in starting a high tech business? Where can I go for startup funds? How will the Internet impact my startup?

Ramsey had to answer many of these questions for himself as he opened an executive search firm Ramsey/ Beirne Associates, Inc. with his partner David Beirne on Black Monday, October 19, 1987. They specialized in conducting CEO level searches in the information technology industry.

Over the next 10 years, Ramsey and Beirne built their business to one of the top search firms in the country, with almost $17 million in revenue. They conducted senior level searches for Dell, Java, Microsoft, and The Weather Channel, and recruited the CEOs at eBay, E*Trade, Excite, Netscape, Nextel, and Novell, among others. In true entrepreneurial spirit, Ramsey left the day-today activities of his company in January 1998, to pursue yet another consulting career and work on not-for-profit projects here and abroad.

Graduate Students Get Their Chance
On May 5, Ramsey will pay a formal visit to the White Plains campus to speak with graduate students and faculty and share his entrepreneurship expertise with them. By focusing his business on one industry; information technology (software, hardware, the Internet, and networking) "the new industrial revolution," Ramsey has that expertise in spades. He also has a keen perception of the qualities that make young people successful in an entrepreneurial venture: high energy, positive attitude, team loyalty, and aggressive spirit. For those interested in attending, Ramsey will speak to students and faculty at 6 p.m. at the Graduate Center on the White Plains campus.

In addition to the lectures to Lubin students, Randy Myer, Chuck Ramsey, and Professor Alan Eisner (management) are collaborating on a case study dealing with a telecommunications startup company with a CEO who is in conflict with their veture capital firm. The case study will be published as part of the Entrepreneur in Residence program.