Book of Remembrance

James Hall Book of Remembrance

[Dean Hall with graduate students]
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Bruce Bachenheimer, clinical professor of management
Siddhartha Bhattacharya, MBA '07
Roberta Cable, Lubin faculty
Cristina Coates, EMBA Class of 2000
Paula Domin, Pace faculty
Imogene Drakes
Ellen J. Harris, MBA '02
Peter Hoefer, Lubin faculty
Peter Johnson, adjunct Lubin professor
Sally Kaye Kaufman, alumna
Rachel Klingberg, BA '95, Webmaster, Lubin School of Business
Lisa Kraft, Pace faculty
Yingshu (Emily) Luom, almuna
Rafaelina Martinez, MBA '06
Erica Martinson
Mario Maurino
John Meletiadis, associate director, Lubin's Center for International Business Development
Mark A. Mishken, adjunct associate professor of management
Sutee Pakavaleetorn, alumnus
Joseph M. Pastore Jr., retired Lubin faculty
Catherine Petersen, DPS '07
Medaline Philbert, Pace University Library
Barbara C. Ming Powell, program coordinator, management and management science department
Viviane Prusack, alumna
Jim Russell, Lubin faculty
Leon Selig, retired Pace faculty
Cigdem Sonmez, BBA '92
Bernice Spina, Pace faculty
Maxine Sugarman, Director, Pace Co-op Education and Career Services NYC
Vinton Thompson, President, Metropolitan College of New York
Anthony Vinci, BBA/MBA '06
Dr. Mamadou Wade, MBA '97
Kathy Winsted, Lubin faculty
Philip Young, retired Pace faculty
Fengjia Zeng, graduate marketing major
Connie Zhang, EMBA Cycle 7

Dean Hall was one of the kindest, most considerate, even-tempered people I have known in my personal and professional life. Although incredibly competent and knowledgeable, he was always calm, collected and graceful. I recall his many stops to my door and his reassuring smile. I too recall my countless trips to his door which was always open. He was always willing to help and to do what was right for the students and our institution. Dean Hall welcomed all to his home during the very difficult time of Margret Duval's passing, and was extremely sensitive and generous in his actions during that time. For this, his countless other acts and how he chose to live his life, he deserves the utmost of honor, respect, and rememberance from all of us. He would surely give us no less. I have and will miss Dean Hall sorely, and am so very saddened that we have lost such a professional and personal pillar of our institution and community. I will consider myself very fortunate if I ever encounter another individual possessing so many positive traits. Words fail to express the feelings in my heart. This was a great man. No one ever wants great people to pass away and feel lost when they do.

- John Meletiadis, associate director, Lubin's Center for International
Business Development

Dr. Hall convinced our Cycle 5 EMBA class of the merits of organizational behavior. His keen insight into the psychology of the human mind and heart was unlike any other professor. The power of connecting with people and touching their lives is his legacy.Jim was a great educator who loved his family, his work, the students, and Pace. We alumni of the Lubin School of Business are privileged and honored to have studied with him. We are richer in spirit because of him. He is and will forever be greatly missed.

- Ellen J. Harris, MBA '02

Myself and cycle 6 of EMBA class would like to memorialize Professor Hall. Our class has unfortunately experienced sadness and we have developed the tradition of planting a tree for those who were special to us. Symbolic for life, growth, air, beauty, strength, versatilty and hope, the tree is everything that we are as a group and as humans, and has become a special symbol to all of us in different ways. We'd like to add the Dean to our family tree, never to be forgotten for his hard work, his sincerity and his principles.

- Rafaelina Martinez, MBA '06

Dean Hall was one of the most pleasant, humble, gentle, and intelligent persons I've known. Dean Hall was never too busy to exchange a few kind words. He was a joy and very witty. Students always spoke highly of him. Dean Hall was an inspiration and will continue to live on in our hearts.

- Medaline Philbert, Pace University Library

Dean Hall was the epitome of 'a Gentleman and a Scholar.'

- Bruce Bachenheimer, clinical professor of management

As a former MBA student at Lubin School and as the former President of Lubin Graduate Society, I share many fond memories with Dean Hall. I will always remember him as a person who cared very much for the students and dedicated as much time as he could for them. His office door would always be open for anyone and he would give students his time and patient listening. I will always remember him as a good man, soft spoken and with passion for the school. I am sure the Lubin School and anyone who has ever been associated with him will dearly miss him. God bless his soul!

- Siddhartha Bhattacharya, MBA '07

Dean Hall was one of the greatest teachers in my life. He was always there for every student to help them out. I am an international student from China who crossed over the Pacific Ocean to a different continent. He treated me kindly and gently, listened to me carefully, taught me so many things, and encouraged me a lot. He loved his work, his students and his school so much. Life has limits, but love has no bounds. I know for certain that we never lose the people we love. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. I will never forget our great Dean Hall. Let today embrace the past with remembrance and the future with longing. May God bless Dean Hall and his family!

- Fengjia Zeng, graduate marketing major

Ten years ago, as an MBA student, Dr. Hall taught a Saturday morning Management class which covered two different campuses: Briarcliff and NYC. I ran to that class. His mastery of the technology bringing the two classrooms together was impressive - he was so ahead of his time, so thought provoking, and a real leader. Students of the future have lost an opportunity, and student who were lucky to have had him keep a precious gift that he so willingly gave - knowledge.

- Sally Kaye Kaufman, alumna

When I took MBA622 (marketing core course), my group chose Cohort program as our group project. As normal students, we had not enough information to complete the project. We approach Dean Hall and he was really helpful for us. Even though, providing specific details on Cohort program for current students was not his responsibility, he guided us a lot. Without him, we could not finish our project.

From my memory article, I mentioned only my MBA626 project, but, surely, Dean Hall had been contributed to Pace community more than that. Thank you so much, Dean Hall.

- Sutee Pakavaleetorn

I was lucky enough to have Dr. Hall's undivided attention during an independent study class in Human Resource Management in 1991 during my last semester at Pace.

Of course Dr. Hall was a great educator, he was bright and enthusiastic; of course he was a positive influence in my life, always the mentor and motivator - these are common things you will hear from everyone who came into contact with him. What I found special in our relationship was his respect and the eagerness with which he listened to my ideas. He was thoughtful, caring, and generous- always offering a cup of tea which he would brew up with the electric kettle in his office. Often we would have a sandwich during our weekly sessions- not once did he accept my offer to pick up lunch. These are the little things that give the biggest clues as to the goodness of a person's soul. Dr. Hall was an extraordinary person.

After graduation, I moved to Istanbul, Turkey to work for a boutique bank and kept in touch with Dr. Hall. I was ecstatic when he wrote and told me of his plans to visit Istanbul during his vacation. I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Hall and his wife, Julia, one evening in the beautiful historic part of town where they were staying. We had a lovely stroll followed by a delicious Turkish dinner. True to his curious, academic nature he had done his homework and knew more about Ottoman history and Istanbul's neighborhoods than I had learned in the one year I had been living in the city. Dr. Hall was a remarkable person.

I wish Julia and their family strength and patience while healing from their sorrow.

- Cigdem Sonmez, BBA '92

Jim Hall was a kind and generous man whose office door was always open to anyone who needed him. A friend and mentor to many students, he exemplified the best qualities of an educator. Mild-mannered and soft-spoken, with a dry wit and easy sense of humour, he was never too busy to smile and say Hello, or to compliment a staff member on a job well-done. He was, quite simply, one of the best men I've ever known, and I am a better person for having known him. We will miss him dearly.

- Rachel Klingberg, BA '95, Webmaster, Lubin School of Business

Jim Hall was someone you liked as soon as you met him and only grew to like more as you got to know him. His soft-spoken, calm manner contrasted with a sly sense of humor and a deep interest in culture, places, and most of all people. I had hoped to know him for a very long time, but I am so glad that I did get to know him, however brief that pleasure. I will miss knowing him and will always think of him with tremendous respect, admiration and affection.

- Erica Martinson

My relationship with Jim goes back to the day he arrived at Pace University....circa 1983. While Jim hailed from the Chicago area, he had just spent a short period of time in Montana and, it seemed, he was eager for a taste of "The Big Apple".

Jim came to us as Dean of the then School of Continuing Education, which he and his colleagues later recommended be re-named University College. As Vice President for Academic Affairs as the time, I worked directly with Jim. Jim quickly developed a following among those in the University who had a strong commitment to adult education and professional development.

When the University, in the midst of increasing competition from public sector institutions and a shift to more traditional students prompted by AACSB and other initiatives, moved to discontinue University College, Jim joined the Lubin School. In that setting, Jim thrived and contributed immensely to graduate programs and to our professional development programs with IBM. The rest is history.....

But, what is less evident in the record, but surely felt by those who knew Jim, is the absolutely professional, responsible, and detailed manner in which he approached his work and his relationships with students and colleagues. One could always count on Jim to come to a table or a classroom, fully prepared and confident about what he was going to contribute the moment. Much of that effort can be seen in the contributions he made to graduate programs and to the Lubin School's relationship with its accrediting body: AACSB.

On a more personal level, Jim loved the City and its reflection of the larger world. Along with his greatest love, Julia, Jim embraced both New York and the world....its culture, its cuisine, its energy.... and the distillation of is personal life worked to make him an even more productive and collegial member of our University.

I join hundreds who miss Jim Hall. My thoughts and prayers are with him, Julia, and his family and friends..... May his memory and all he has done for the University and for each member of our community remain with us forever...

- Joseph M. Pastore, Jr., retired Lubin faculty

Jim Hall was a man I truly admired, for his amazing work ethic, his passion for learning, and his gentle ways. He lived in Brooklyn NY, loved good food and traveled the globe - a cosmopolitan man, but anyone's standards. But he also enjoyed a more simple life. He always spoke fondly about his home in Minnesota and his years at the University of Montana in Missoula. I will remember Jim as a friend and as a mentor, both inside and outside of the classroom.

- Roberta Cable, Lubin faculty

Dean James Hall was my professor at the Lubin School of Business in the MBA program during the late 1990's. He made me feel at ease in a management class where team work and leadership simulation were required. He was confident and prepared me for business interaction and management evaluation and decision. I remember his gentle way of dealing with various students from diverse background. I'm privileged to have been taught by Dean Hall, and I send my respect to his family.

- Viviane Prusack

Dr. Hall was an outstanding professor. He was special not only in his teaching, his personality and the way he dealt with students, but also in the way he dealt with those around him. For that reason, even ten years after graduating from his class, I still kept in touch with him. This sad news really shocked me and I just cannot believe it's true.

- Yingshu (Emily) Luom, almuna

I first interacted with Jim in about 1971 at Roosevelt University in Chicago. I was a graduate student at the University of Chicago looking for adjunct work at Roosevelt. Jim was affiliated with the College of Continuing Education at Roosevelt. He hired me for my first academic job, as a science instructor for the Natural Sciences Seminar in the Bachelor of General Studies Program. The program served students age 25 and over. I was 23. That experience set me down a path in life that included, down the road, 24 years at Roosevelt and a long-term, continuing commitment to educating adult students.

After about 1973, I lost track of Jim for 30 years. Then, in 2003, I interviewed for a position at Pace. There in the audience in one interview session was Jim Hall, who recognized me, or at least recognized my service as described on my CV, from the Roosevelt days and introduced himself, to my great surprise.

About three weeks ago I started a new position, in lower Manhattan, and it occurred to me to look Jim up and share the news. I e-mailed him but received no response. A bit later I ran into a Pace faculty member and mentioned this attempt to him. It was then that I realized sadly that it was just a moment too late, as lifetimes go, to share my news with Jim, and to remark for him how small and apparently inconsequential events, like an adjunct hiring, can shape whole lives.

I share this now for Jim's family and colleagues as just one example in which he touched a person's life trajectory.

- Vinton Thompson, President, Metropolitan College of New York

He was a wonderful man and a patient and effective teacher. He had a lot to give. Sorry he left so soon. May God comfort his family at this sad time.

- Imogene Drakes

Jim Hall was an amazing man and an incredible colleague. He took on many more responsibilities than most men would be able to handle, yet he never seemed to lose his cool, and he always had time to talk to whoever sought his advice or friendship. He never had a bad word to say about anyone, and he treated everyone with respect and compassion. Jim had a wonderful "joie de vivre". He was as comfortable cooking burgers for students as he was at a Board of Trustees meeting, and he especially loved talking about "his Julia". Many of us were deeply touched by the wisdom and caring of Dean Hall and we will miss him enormously.

- Kathy Winsted, Lubin faculty

I remember Jim as the wonderful, competent, quiet man that he was. Our tenure at Pace overlapped and my life during and after my stay at Pace was made richer by my having known and worked with Jim. I'm reading this in my home in France and feeling saddened by learning of Jim's death.

- Leon Selig, retired Pace faculty

Dr. Hall was a wonderful person to be around in any situation that involved learning. Over about thirty years Jim educated me on everything from eating "gooey duck" in Seattle to wearing a non-white shirt when teaching using videoconference facilities!

- Peter Hoefer, Lubin faculty

As a former student leader on campus, I interacted frequently with Dean Hall. He was the true essence of what an educator should be: passionate about his work, and motivational to the students. I will miss Dean Hall, as will the rest of the Pace community. God bless him and his family.

- Anthony Vinci, BBA/MBA '06

Jim Hall was instrumental to the success of the EMBA Program, especially in its early days, and not least to the Class of 2000. When listening to Jim, one immediately sensed class, clarity of thought, intellectual excellence, but above all an aura of a profound presence, marked by his humanizing interest in each student's development. It is rare indeed to observe individuals in academia who energize and take their endeavors to new heights while also inspiring new generations. It is with deep sorrow that I regret no one being able to relish these elements of greatness in Jim Hall any longer. Surely he will be missed by many.

- Cristina Coates, EMBA Class of 2000

It's with deep sorrow that I heard about Dr. Hall's demise. I have come to know him while attending Pace University as a graduate student pursuing my MBA in Financial Management. He taught me the Principles of Management I and II. His sense of humor, his style of teaching will ever remain in my mind and heart. I will pray for his family. I will definitely be there during the memorial. May his soul rest in Peace. Amen.

- Dr. Mamadou Wade, MBA '97

I had just entered Pace University (Sept 1979(, and as the result of winning a Governor's Scholarship award, I was asked to make a speech at a gathering of students who had won the award from various high schools. I was very nervous. I had never met Dean Hall before that. He saw I was nervous and told me to just relax and before you know it, it's done. I would see him from time to time after that, and never forgot his advice. The advice was basically, you expend more energy anticipating a project, then you would in just completing it.

- Mario Maurino

Throughout my doctoral studies, Dr. Hall inspired me to maximize my academic development and achievement. And his seemingly boundless understanding and wisdom were always there when I needed his counsel I am forever thankful to Dr. Hall.

- Catherine Petersen, DPS '07

Two days before Dean Hall passed away I had the opportunity of working with him one to one, hence my shock and despair on learning that I will never had that experience again. I am DEEPLY saddened by the passing of such a gentle, kind, and hardworking man, who never fails to treat everyone with love and respect. He has left an indelible mark on all of us who have come to know and love him. We will always cherish his memory.

- Barbara C. Ming Powell, Program Coordinator, Management and Management Science Department

You can tell a lot about a person by how he treats the new kid on the block. To me, as a nobody/newbie adjunct faculty person, Jim Hall went out of his way to be welcoming, kind, helpful and gracious. He was a wonderful model of how to build real relationships with students, faculty peers and staff.

- Peter Johnson, adjunct Lubin professor

Dean Hall was such a fine individual who will be greatly missed by all who knew him. In my role as Director of Co-op and Career Services at Pace University's NY City campus, I had frequent interactions with Jim and always found him to be such a gentle man as well as a true gentleman in every sense of that word. His manner was soft spoken, intelligent and caring; the epitome of what one envisions a professor to be like. I frequently followed Dean Hall as a presenter at the Graduate Open Houses, and always felt privileged to be speaking on the same panel as such an impressive and genuine individual. I know that Dean Hall's imprint on Pace University and the many students, faculty and administrators whose lives he touched will live on forever

- Maxine Sugarman, Director, Pace Co-op Education and Career Services, NYC

I respect Dean Hall just like my own father, who always be there giving me best advices. I recall his stunning handwriting, I recall his wonderful smile, and I recall he is always there help students at his reachable way. Dean Hall just like a fabulous candle, burn, burn, burn, gives a lovely light to others. Dean Hall will never pass away; he will live in our hearts forever.

- Connie Zhang, EMBA Cycle 7

I knew Dean Hall for over 25 years. He was a kind and sincere friend throughout this period. He always made me feel to be an integral part of the Pace family even though I was an adjunct faculty member throughout this time. I will truly miss him.

- Mark A. Mishken, adjunct associate professor of management

Among his many accomplishments, Jim was a pioneer in the development of corporate/university initiatives in education. He was instrumental in designing and implementing the Pace-IBM Corporate Education Program in the mid-80's. I was a participant in this program and I will always be grateful for Jim's work in helping to provide me with this opportunity to grow and develop professionally.

- Philip Young, retired Pace faculty

In my early start with Special Events as a staff - phone contact person, and during robing for Commencement C2004-2006, I was always impressed by Dr. Hall's extra care in pleasing his students, humbled by their request for his presence at Award ceremonies, even willing to gratify him with their own gestures of sincere appreciation. He was so humbled that he would chat about it, in disbelief that they were so taken by his genuine good nature, and end "I'm just doing my job" with a chuckle. In closing "The Good ones, just are" and will always be genuine Teachers. I'm sure his presence will be missed.

- Paula Domin, Pace faculty

I knew Dr. Jim Hall when the EMBA program was at the Graduate Center in White Plains, and also from just being at the Graduate Center. He always made it a point to say hello, asked how we were all doing. He was truly a gentleman, and will be missed.

- Bernice Spina, Pace faculty

I first met Dean Hall shortly after joining the Pace community. We worked together on a grant offered by the President's Office. I had never worked on a grant before and was very nervous. Dean Hall was a professional. He guided our grant group with patience, respect, and expertise. Always generous with his time, he was a great teacher and valued everyone's contributions to a project. What a loss to our community! I will miss him dearly.

- Lisa Kraft, Pace faculty

Whenever one goes through stressful times and happy times with a team, memories of that interaction get almost "hardwired" into the psyche. My relationship with Jim Hall falls into that category. The years I spent as Associate Dean of the Lubin School of Business on the team with Jim Hall, Arthur Centonze, Peter Hoefer, Lynette Wailoo, Lynne Byrne and later with Joe Baczko were the most satisfying of my career (so far). Jim Hall had a lot to do with that feeling of accomplishment. His combination of equanimity, organization, perseverance, sophistication, knowledge, and wit buoyed all of us during the good times and not-so-good times. He was the consummate team player. I'll miss him greatly.

- Jim Russell, Lubin faculty