Spring 2008

April 11, 2008
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Queens College
Flushing, NY

Pace University and Queens College students have teamed up with IRS criminal investigators to investigate hypothetical financial crimes as honorary "IRS Special Agents for a Day." The IRS Criminal Investigation Division has partnered with colleges and university for this twice-yearly event, held to expose accounting students to areas in the field of accounting that are not traditionally taught in classrooms. It provides real-world exposure to the details of how accountants solve financial crimes in conjunction with the law enforcement community. Mock financial scenarios are directed by Special Agent Joseph Foy. Dr. John Walker is the coordinator for Queens College and Dr. Susanne O'Callaghan is the coordinator for Pace University. The program made its first appearance in the New York City area at Pace in collaboration with Queens College in October 2006. Throughout the day, students interview 'witnesses,' engage in consensual surveillance and monitoring, serve mock subpoenas, and pore through bank, car dealership, and other financial records to solve hypothetical financial crimes. For more information, contact Susanne O'Callaghan at socallaghan@pace.edu.

IRS Special Agents pose as suspects in the Fall 2006 "IRS Special Agents for a Day" at Pace University in October 2006.

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