Lubin Graduate Society

The Lubin Graduate Society's (LGS) mission is to provide a forum that promotes learning leadership; fosters career advancement and professional equity; invokes innovation, diversity and creativity; and builds friendships, networks and togetherness among our graduate students.

Every Lubin graduate student is automatically a member and invited to all of our activities. We advertise our events mostly via the Lubin Listserv (i.e. over e-mail), Homer plasma screens, and through flyers we post on campus.

We organize a variety of events to help students unite and enjoy their experience at Pace.

Some examples are:

  • One large social mixer each semester (approximately 75 students show up in each event)
  • Summer social event for students taking classes in the summer
  • Orientation social event—LGS plans and attends a social mixer for all of the new Lubin graduate students at the beginning of every semester
  • Pizza nights during the semester, before midterms, and before finals
  • Faculty lunches—a few students are invited to meet with some professors for lunch
  • Meetings with faculty, staff and the Dean
  • LGS Discussion Forum (One every semester at least!)
Current Committees

Social Committee:
Our main focus is to help graduate students become acquainted with each other and involved in the activities at Pace University. We host the weekly social gatherings at 2 Rivers, the pizza nights that everyone enjoys so much, and the large social event we have every semester.

Career Committee:
The objective of the LGS Career Program is to complement the events that Pace Co-Op and Career Services offers to MBA/MS students. Since networking is the most powerful and important tool when searching for a job each event will allow students to network with each other, alumni, and speakers

Fundraising Committee:
The fundraising committee concentrates on financially supporting LGS and its events.