Lubin Graduate Society Elections

[Lubin Graduate Society]

Elections for the 2012-2013 LGS Executive Board will be held in early Fall 2012.


Director of Career Events Committee
The objective of this position is to organize and sponsor events that would include guest speakers from the business community to give lectures regarding their industry, their background, and what is involved in achieving success in their field. The Director of Career Events is expected to chair the Career Events Committee and work in direct contact with the Assistant Director of Career Events, and representatives of Career Services and existing graduate clubs. The position is ideal for a student with superior networking and organizational skills, who is committed to helping students meet practicing business professionals and learn more about their fields of study.

Director of Fundraising Committee
The position of a Director of Fundraising Committee (DFC) is challenging, yet highly rewarding. As a DFC, you will be in the heart of the entire organization, working on the events to raise funds for career, social, and other activities. This position is ideal for creative and inventive students, who are ready to test their entrepreneurial spirit for the benefit of the entire organization and the student body. Experience in fundraising is preferred, but not required.

Executive Secretary
The Executive Secretary is responsible for keeping minutes of all meetings, maintaining a database with all contacts, maintaining society paperwork, as well as checking and replying to LGS email inquiries. This person will also chair any meeting of the Governing Board in the absence of the President and Vice-President.

Student Representative
The Student Representative will serve as a liaison between the LGS and the student body. As a Student Representative, you will be working with other Executive Directors to help improve the organization so that it better reflects the needs and concerns of graduate students. The person will assist in planning the social, career and other activities in a manner that will enhance the experience of students in the MBA/MS programs.

To nominate yourself, please send a photograph and brief nomination letter to Ms. Brooke Hasan at bhasan@pace.edu, stating the position you are running for, some details about yourself, why you think you are the best person for the job, and what you plan to achieve in the position.

Campaign Rules
  • The following will be permitted:
    - Any candidate may actively seek endorsement of any recognized club or organization on campus.
  • The following will not be permitted:
    - Governing Board members may not endorse specific candidates. Any member of the Governing Board using his or her official title to openly support one candidate or one party over another candidate (or party) shall be subject to the charges of impeachment.
  • Candidates must:
    - Have a cumulative QPA of at least 3.0
    - Be matriculated in an MBA or MS program.
  • All candidates must abide by the rules. Any violation of these rules will result in the possible termination of the candidacy of the individual or party involved.