2011-2012 Nominees

Amit Jhaveri
Kateryna (Katie) Legkodukh
Allyson Mabry
Vinay Motha
Yelena (Laina) Plotnik
Pratik Shinde
Qing (Shirley) Yu

Amit Jhaveri

I would like to nominate myself for the position of the Director of Career Events Committee, Director of Fundraising Committee and Assistant Director of Fundraising Committee.

1. Director of Career Events Committee

Let's leverage our location for our benefit! We are in the heart of most respected and admired business location, yet we have gotten little opportunity to meet professionals who could guide us, mentor us and help us make a smooth transition into the real world. If elected, I seek to bridge this very gap through combined efforts with Pace University. If elected I seek to attain four objectives

  • Build a strong and active community of working professionals and Pace alums.
  • Leverage this community to establish two way programs that would benefit you with a richer understanding of wide range of corporate skills.
  • Develop active networking channels and
  • Create opportunities for mentorship programs

It is often noted that we learn most when we work, however I believe that we can align ourselves closer to the real world with guidance before we join the workforce.

About me - I am an MBA candidate majoring in Financial Management; I have assumed many leadership positions in my past work experience. I have worked with a multinational corporation (American Express) and two small and medium enterprises and have voluntarily represented a local team to address their career needs to the management and helped build a dialogue between the two groups. My work experience has helped me develop management and networking skills and I plan to exploit my knowledge for the benefit of the Pace Lubin graduate students.

All this is more said than done until you decide, because it all starts with your vote.

2. Director of Fundraising Committee / Assistant Director of Fundraising Committee

As an elected candidate I intend to build funding channels that would help the Lubin Graduate Society to focus on its core activities without having to worry about funds. If elected I seek to attain three objectives

  • Identify and develop lateral relations with funding entities
  • Organize fundraising events
  • Create and innovate fundraising ideas that could be used over long term
I am entrepreneurial and have a good understanding of the process involved in fundraising, which is complemented by my methodical approach and strong organizational and time management skills. With this ability I am confident that I will prove myself instrumental in this position.

I ask for an opportunity and the decision lies with you, because it all starts with your vote.

About me - I am an MBA candidate majoring in Financial Management, I have worked with a multinational corporation (American Express) and two small and medium enterprises. One of my biggest professional achievements (relevant to this position) was to help and small and medium enterprise to restructure its brand positioning; my creative and meticulous approach helped this company attain an increase in revenues by 37% in the quarter following implementation. My academic and work experience has helped me develop strong planning and implementation skills respectively.

Kateryna (Katie) Legkodukh

I would like to nominate myself for the position of Director of Social Events Committee. In my previous experience as the Founder/President of SNAP (Strategic Networking Association of Pace), a networking organization for graduate students, I organized weekly social/networking events with my fellow graduate students. I was also very involved in my Undergraduate career with various organizations including a sorority, where I constantly organized events. This experience will be perfect for this role. I am currently pursuing an MBA in International Business and working as a Product Manager in Bank of New York Mellon. I enjoy traveling, skiing, dancing, and photography.

Allyson Mabry

I am pleased to submit my nomination for the position of Student Representative on the LGS Executive Board. I've recently returned to academia after spending seven years working in the non-profit business world. My most recent position was Employee Programs Manager of the Blood and Tissue Center of Central Texas, where I created and implemented programs in rewards and recognition, health and wellness, and communication. One of my primary responsibilities was to liaise between front line and executive staff, so I have experience bringing groups together and ensuring everyone's needs are met.

I would like to see more structured opportunities for graduate students to meet each other and build a community here at Lubin. As the Student Representative, I would work to ensure that LGS plans events and activities that foster and strengthen that community.

Vinay Motha

I would like to nominate myself for following positions:

1. Student Representative

I believe I am a strong candidate for the position of Student Representative due to my experience working as impact analyst for a Non-Profit organization. It required me to multitask by not only assessing the requirements and specifications services from clients but also have personal interaction with them and communicate the feedback they have provided to my superiors. This helped improve my communication and be more articulate and I believe I can leverage my experience to help communicate students opinions and views to the management here at Pace. It was also a position I got through Wilson Center at Pace which offers exciting opportunities for students to work in the non-profit sector and I would be able to provide extensive inputs regarding the kind of work available in this field. I am a member of Omicron Delta Epsilon an International Honors Society and can use this opportunity to further increase ties between students and faculties in economics and also use this platform to connect students with professionals in this field who can address issues regarding hiring etc.

Currently the issue is not the creation of programs by careers services and other organizations but effectively conveying the message across to the students and commitment generation. To achieve that objective, we need far more convergence on the part of the student body and other organizations here at Pace which I believe I could successfully help in achieving.

My objectives are:

  • Establish learning communities for graduate students to where all organizations here at Pace can meet once a month to share our problems and check if could share our resources to address these issues. I believe I could bridge this gap given my strong networking and communication skills.
  • To help students choose courses accordingly to their interest and make professors more accessible by organizing an information session for students on what aspects are included in a course. Although there is some basic information on the course offered I believe the professors themselves would be able to give more insight on the subject.
  • To provide school administrators with regular comprehensive feedback from the students about the policies those affect them.

I am confident that I understand what programs and traditions have been successful, and what items need to be improved. I will bring my international experience which I believe gives me the ability to communicate with diverse group of graduate students and understand their needs and aspirations. If elected, I would make sure that all members' opinions are heard to ensure that each and every person is getting the most out of this experience. We came to this school to receive an education and to benefit from our time here and I want to help you get what you deserve from this institution and to enhance your experience as Business students.

2. Assistant Director for Social Events

I believe I am a strong candidate for the position of Assistant Director for Social Events on the LGS board. I believe this would be an excellent opportunity to gain a valuable experience in planning and marketing events and I would use this opportunity to engage the University Relations Department at Pace and also the Marketing and Communication department that would help in organizing events for the LGS board.

If elected to the position I would like to implement the following ideas:
  • Involve the marketing and communication department in organizing and publishing for the events
  • Seek expertise of University relations department in deployment of communication strategy for events.
  • Create new engaging events for students that are fun and informative
  • Evaluate your social media mediums which are most efficient in communicating the message to the students so as to avoid wasting resources on ineffective advertising campaigns.
  • Improve transparency about events to avoid confusion among attendees and avoid miscommunication about events.
  • Improve logistics for better event co-ordination.

I am confident that I understand what programs and traditions have been successful, and what items need to be improved and if given the opportunity would work on expanding the operations of the Social Events committee.

3. Director of Fundraising Committee

As the LGS Elections are drawing near I would really appreciate your support and hope you give me the opportunity to represent students on the academic committee.

I believe I am a strong candidate for the position of Director for Fundraising on the LGS board. I understand that I would be responsible for the accuracy of information and would be at the heart of the organization and sincerely believe that my co-ordination skills would help fulfill my duties which involve working on the events to raise funds for career, social, and other activities.

  • Apart from executing the responsibilities I believe my analytical skills and previous work experience with a Non-Profit Organization would help me drafting and amplifying the events at Pace my utilizing my grant drafting skills.
  • I appointed to the given position I would work on accomplishing the following objectives apart from performing my duties;
  • Track and properly document all activities and complete all necessary reporting requirements and create maintain a database which could be used for networking and analyzing on areas which need change in strategy.
  • Ensure greater co-ordination between different communities at Pace to allow a faster and more efficient way of raising funds for different events.
  • Increase volunteer base for the Fund raising committee.
  • Communicate the worthiness of the events at Pace to the general audience and take initiative to build relationships with other committee's and students alike.

I am confident that I would be able to fulfill the responsibilities of the position at the same time bring in a new perspective that benefit of the entire organization and the student body.

Yelena (Laina) Plotnik

My name is Laina Plotnik and I wish to run for Director of Fundraising Committee. I am an MBA student, concentrating in Finance Management and Change Management. I am hard working, detail oriented and a creative with quantitative skills. I will be good for this position, not only because I am creative, but because when I set my mind to something I see it through to the end and work hard to make it as great as possible.

Pratik Shinde

My name is Pratik Shinde and I am pursuing my MBA in Finance at Lubin school of Business. I announce my candidature for the position of Student Representative, the Director of Social Events Committee and the Director of Career Events Committee of the Lubin Graduate Society

My undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering along with a two year work experience has greatly helped me evolve as a person capable of taking responsibilities.

I am an energetic, hardworking and sincere student who is respectful and always open to suggestions. I realize that the positions I am applying for have great amount of responsibility attached to it and I am willing to prove myself.

I have passed my Bachelor's in engineering degree with distinction. Also I have been invited to join the Omicron Delta Epsilon society, an honorary society for Economics for my excellence in academics at Pace University.

Having worked as a student representative for the mechanical department for two consecutive years gives me an added leverage against the other candidates. During my tenure as the Student Representative I have not only organized various career events, but also organized various events encouraging innovative thinking, networking and increasing a sense of social responsibility.

As a student assistant in the finance and economics department, I spend most of my time in the college. It makes me readily accessible for students if they want to meet me regarding any suggestions or concerns. Students can also reach me through electronic media like E-mail, Facebook and Twitter.

I have a lot of ideas which I would want to share with you and implement them with your co-operation in order to make our Pace experience a pleasant and a memorable one. I also promise to assist other members of the society in any way possible to enhance LGS members' experience at Pace as a part of a huge global network.

Qing (Shirley) Yu

I would like to nominate myself, Qing (Shirley) Yu, for the position: Assistant Director of Social Events Committee. Having studied MS Accounting at Pace University for one semester, I am interested in Lubin Graduate Society as I have attended several events arranged by LGS. After studying here for a semester, I feel that I can work for Social Events Committee with my passion and effort.

At the same time, I believe that I have the ability to help the Director of Social Events Committee because I was President of Propaganda Department of Student Union in my undergraduate. The social and communicating events are very familiar to me. Besides, I have the experience of planning and organizing events. As an Asian student, my opinion and suggestion may be helpful to LGS and could represent some voices of Asian students. Therefore, I believe that I can actively contribute to the Social Events Committee with my experience and energy. I would really appreciate the chance and be proud of being the Assistant Director of Social Events Committee.