Three visual marks are used to identify Pace University:


Pace University logo (the Pace "swoosh" logo) 

  • Used on all publications and other promotional materials
  • Used on all stationery other than the president's and Board of Trustees

The Athletic Mark 

  • Used exclusively on athletic materials

50th Anniversary of the Pleasantville Campus 

Logo Download
Download electronic artwork of these marks.

The Pace University Wordmark
When size constraints require a logo of less than 1/4" in height, the University may be identified in a single line of type, all upper case in Optima bold. Both words should be the same size. Do not attempt to create a logo by stacking the words on two lines or simulating the "swoosh."

Logo Use

Always use the official logo. Do not attempt to recreate or alter it.

  • Do not distort, stretch, compress or angle the logo.
  • Do not place the logo in a box, over a photograph, texture, pattern, or any confusing background.
  • Do not use the logo in a sentence instead of the words "Pace University."
  • Do not crop the logo.
  • Do not use elements of the logo independently of the logo.
  • Do not reduce the logo to smaller than 1/4" in height.