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Your Homertisement Here (PLV)

News Story

Westchester’s digital advertising screens are getting a Pacelift! It’s time to say “So long” to Setter Signs and “Hello” to Homer Screens in PLV.

Does your student group or organization rely on Setter Signs to share your digital messages, videos, or fliers with the Pace Community in Westchester? If so, this digital message is for you: the process for uploading your messages has changed.

We are pleased to announce that Westchester is transitioning to the same “Homer Screen” digital signs already implemented on the NYC Campus, provided through OrcaTV. We are excited to add their services, which will be used to promote events, programs, and important digital notifications. This system will replace the former process and, moving forward, any digital media to be posted on the digital screens should be submitted online by visiting

Before you begin sharing your digital messages, check out OrcaTV’s how-to video, submissions guidelines, and tips/specs for creating a “homertisement” to share with the Pace Community by clicking here.