Fringe Benefits

As stated in the NYFC Constitution, the duties and membership of the fringe benefits committee consist of the following:

a.  The Committee on Fringe Benefits is composed of up to 10 elected voting members of the NYFC.  Ex officio members are the Chair of the Committee on Faculty Affairs and Budgets and those people who serve in the offices of those currently called Financial V.P. and University Director for Human Resources.

b.  The duties of the Committee on Fringe Benefits are:

i.  To make policy recommendations to the Faculty Council on matters such as pensions, insurance programs, medical benefits, etc., offered through the auspices of the University.

ii.  To consult with the appropriate offers of the university whenever necessary, regarding the various components of the faculty “benefits package";

iii.  The Chair of this Committee shall be an ex officio member of the Faculty Affairs and Budgets Committee.

Allocated:                 10 members

Currently has:           6 members        

Committee chair:      
None designated

Current committee members:     (Fall 2011 - Spring 2013)
Walter Antognini (Legal Studies)
Joe DiBenedetto (Accounting)
Edgar Ducasse (Mathematics)

Antonia Garcia Rodriguez (Modern Languages and Cultures)
Nancy Regan (WGS/History)
Yvonne Rafferty (Psychology)