Constitution of the NYFC: Article V-Article VII, Section 1

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Article V.        Duties of the Officers of the Council

Section 1.
The Chairperson shall preside at all regular and special meetings of the Council and at the meetings of the Executive Committee. The Chair is an ex officio voting member of every committee except the Nominating Committee, and represents the faculty to the administration.

Section 2. 
The First Vice Chairperson shall assist the Chairperson. In the absence of the Chairperson, the First Vice-Chairperson shall preside over general meetings of the Council and over meetings of the executive committee.
Section 3.        
The Second Vice Chairperson shall assist the Chair and substitute for the chair or first Vice Chair when necessary.  

Section 4. 

The Secretary

a)   The Secretary shall record the discussion during each regular and special meeting of the NYFC for distribution in a timely fashion to each member of the Council.

b)   The minutes shall normally include the following:

i. Names of those present;
ii. A summary of the topics discussed;
iii. A verbatim report of any formal resolution offered, with the names of the proponent and the person who seconded the resolution.
iv. The conclusion reached on any resolution so offered;
v. The names of the members of any committees elected or appointed;
vi. A summary of Committee reports;
vii. A summary of miscellaneous announcements.

c)    The minutes shall be subject to the approval of the Council.

d)   When the Council is in Executive session, the Secretary will take note of the proceedings in a memorandum to be distributed only to the Executive Committee unless NYFC votes to release all or any part of the contents to the University community.

e)  Except when the timing of emergency meetings make such distribution impossible, the Secretary shall publish the agenda and the announced date and place of each NYFC meeting and a first draft of the minutes of the previous meeting at least one week preceding that meeting.

f)    The Secretary shall keep a running record of all motions / resolutions passed by Council. Resolutions adopted by the NYFC will be forwarded to the appropriate decision making person or body.  This record will constitute the Bylaws of the NYFC and shall be available at every meeting and to any interested faculty member.

Article VI.  Meetings

Section 1.     Scheduled Meetings 

There shall be a regular meeting of the Council on the first Monday of each month starting from October through May, excepting January. If the executive committee shall so determine, the meetings may be moved to a different day or date each month.

Section 2.    Special Meetings

Special Meetings may be called whenever necessary in the opinion of the Executive Committee or as a result of written petition of at least 25 Council members. Special meetings require five days written notice to the membership.

Section 3.    A Quorum

A Quorum shall consist of 25 Council voting members. Each voting member of the council shall have one vote and a majority of the voting members present shall be necessary to pass a resolution.

Section 4.      Order of Business

At each regular meeting the order of business shall be:

i. Approval of the minutes of the preceding regular meeting;
ii. Announcements;
iii. Committee Reports;
iv. Reports from the Administration
v. Old business;
vi. New business.

Section 5.      Procedures

(a) The procedure of all meetings shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order, unless there is explicit endorsement of contrary procedure in the NYFC Constitution or its By-laws.  A parliamentarian, if appointed, will aid the Chair as needed.

(b) If a secret ballot is requested for any vote or motion at a meeting, and if that request is seconded, then the NYFC Executive shall conduct that vote or motion with a secret ballot using paper votes without calling for a vote on whether to conduct a secret ballot.

(c) Elections for the CDFPT representatives and the members of the CDFPT Appeals committee shall be conducted as follows. The Secretary of the NYFC will circulate a ballot via email to the membership of the NYFC and allow members to vote via email, setting a deadline for submitting the ballot of no later than 48 hours before the NYFC meeting where an in-person ballot will also be held. The Secretary will prepare a voting roster for use at the meeting, showing which members have already cast email ballots; those who cast email ballots before the deadline will be not allowed to vote at the meeting.

Article VII. Committees
The Council shall have the following standing committees with functions, duties and membership as hereinafter set forth. They shall also have such duties as may be conferred from time to time by the NYFC or by the Executive Committee. The NYFC may create other standing committees as required; however the committees listed herein shall be considered as permanent standing committees.
The primary responsibility of all NYFC committees and NYFC representatives to University committees is to report their findings to the NYFC in whatever form the committee finds most appropriate.
Voting members of the NYFC are eligible to serve on all committees. Exceptions, who must be tenured, are the Chair and the First Vice-Chair of the Faculty Council and the faculty members on CDFPT and the Appeals Committee.
The term of office on any committee is two (2) years unless otherwise specified. Nominations to a committee may be made at any time by contacting the Secretary. It is suggested that if an elected committee member is unable to serve on a committee for which alternates are not provided through election, then the committee member may send an alternate in his/her place.
When a committee is first constituted, if it contains seats which must have staggered terms, then when the first election is held for this committee terms of varying lengths will be assigned to each candidate based on the number of votes they receive so that approximately equal numbers of seats will become vacant in each following year. If a committee which should have staggered terms should for any circumstance lose the staggering of terms, then the next election for this committee will repeat the election procedures described for the first election to establish the staggered terms.

Section 1.     Election of Committee Members
The slate of willing candidates shall be a combination of a list of candidates proposed by the Nominations Committee, self-nominations and nominations of other members present at the meetings of the spring semester of odd-numbered years, and those members who send in nominations in response to an emailed call for nominations, which will be circulated during February.  The Secretary will prepare a ballot for all committee positions that combine nominations from all of the sources discussed above. Neither the Secretary's report nor balloting on these nominations will identify the originating source for any nomination.
The final slate of committee members will be approved for their term of office by the NYFC either in April, or when the ballot incorporating nominations from all sources (described above) has been prepared but no later than the May meeting.
Committee chairs will be elected by a majority vote of the committee members at the beginning of the new academic year. This meeting will be called by the former chair, or in the absence of a former chair, by a convener designated by the NYFC Chair.
In the event of vacant seats or resignations by committee members, the NYFC Executive or the Nominations committee may appoint a replacement member to serve the balance of the term, drawing first from the elected alternate members of the committee in question; such appointments will be brought to the next meeting for ratification.


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